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Easy Cardamom-Orange Chocolate Truffles

Recipe photo courtesy of BEATRIZ DA COSTA

These elegant, but simple, chocolate truffles are rolled in sugar, cocoa powder, and nuts.

Source: Martha Stewart Living, September 1998



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  • aprilrichonjacobs
    14 DEC, 2014
    I have always had success with Martha's recipes, but these truffles did not work out. No matter how long I froze the mixture, the truffles would never properly "set up" and would simply melt down into a small blob instead of forming a perfect truffle-shaped ball. My uncle is a chocolatier, and he suggests adding more chocolate - try adding 1-2 oz. more chocolate and a bit less cream. The cream-to-chocolate ratio seems to be off in this recipe.
  • AllycatCA
    16 FEB, 2014
    I agree with LoveZ...I saw the Sarah Carey video on 2/13/14, and I made this recipe the next day - as LoveZ said, it differs in multiple ways from the video. That is alright, but the truffle mixture had not set nearly enough to form balls after 15-20 minutes in the freezer, and hadn't set enough even after 4 hours...I left it in overnight, and then it was too hard. Her other videos have been spectacular and have matched the recipes too.
  • LoveZ
    13 FEB, 2014
    I am looking forward to making these, however the steps in the video are different from those in the recipe. She excludes some of the ingredients (orange, cardamom), doesn't pour it through a sieve, and refrigerates it for a different amount of time. Not sure how to do it.
  • SuziQ84
    9 FEB, 2012
    I am helping my future sister in law plan her wedding. Right now, we're working on the wedding favors. Kelly is giving the reception guests a single truffle. These will make the perfect gift! I did a test run and these were easy to make and delicious! She and I began looking for packaging, and we found the cutest favor boxes from Box and Wrap! These boxes fit a single truffle, and the boxes come in all colors. Favors Done!
  • flyingsquirrel
    2 FEB, 2009
    Love to see link to gift boxes or bags in crafts...for each holiday or birthday!
  • bkawosa
    20 DEC, 2008
    This was pretty easy and the truffles turned out well. My favorite coating was the cocoa powder or just plain chopped pecans. I thought the orange and cardamom was a bit strong, but I didn't really measure so I may have put too much. I would say unless you love these flavors though to err on the side of too little the first time. I will use this recipe again. Oh- I used ghiradelli semi sweet chips, they worked fine.
  • yorkshirepuppy
    7 FEB, 2008
    Is this the recipe from your 2/4/07 show? If not where is that recipe?
  • brendabruggeman
    6 DEC, 2007
    Could you please update this recipe with the type and amount of chocolate needed. Thank You!!
  • bizibasket
    20 NOV, 2007
    OK, am I missing something, or is the chocolate missing from this recipe? What quantity?

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