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No-Churn Vanilla Ice Cream

Recipe photo courtesy of Petrina Tinslay

This no-churn ice cream recipe has all the richness of traditional recipes, but our version takes only 10 minutes of hands-on work.

Source: Everyday Food, June 2011
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  • MS11666934
    28 DEC, 2017
    My 14yo made it (without bourbon because we did not have) to rave reviews for 14 Christmas guests. Creamy, not too sweet (which was great because we had an international crowd who we find prefer treats less sweet.) Easy and will definitely (request my offspring to) make it again.
  • MS11250296
    25 JUL, 2017
    I made this recipe using chocolate condensed milk and creme de cacao in place of bourbon. I believe the alcohol keeps it from freezing too hard - given alcohol doesn't freeze. I had no plain condensed milk but I'll get some just to try the vanilla version but do try it with the choc condensed milk - it's worth a try.
  • nancynancyflick
    31 MAR, 2017
    OK, I made two batches. One with the bourbon and one without. Like another person was stating, the bourbon is probably necessary due to the alcohol making it freeze differently or possibly even creamier. So I made the nonalcoholic batch with double the vanilla extract that was called for. Since vanilla extract is essentially alcohol-based and kind of like a Liquor, I Assumed that it would work well instead of the bourbon. I was right, it did. It had a very vanilla flavor. Kind of like old-fashioned vanilla ice cream. If you put this in an ice cream cone and sprinkle it with P-NUTTLES butter toffee sunflower kernels from Dollar General, it taste exactly like a Dairy Queen crunch cone. Yum!
  • Orokodot
    14 JUL, 2015
    I really disliked the video and the directions on this website for this specific recipe. Without a mixer, I could not complete the recipe. Trying to make whipped cream without a mixer was a huge pain and I didn't get the "stiff peaks" mentioned in the video. How cold is "icy-icy cold"? Does that mean I need to stick the heavy whipping cream in the freezer for several hours? Or is it the mixing bowl that needs to be really cold?
    • ariellawg
      22 AUG, 2015
      If you don't have the correct materials, don't add sour grapes to the recipe.
  • Samantha Smith
    25 MAY, 2015
    Just asking, even if bourbon is optional, if I don't add it, will it still be creamy?
  • DRGuzman
    6 JAN, 2015
    Wow. So creamy, easy homemade ice cream without an ice cream machine. Great!
  • MS112632948
    5 SEP, 2013
    Thanks for the recipe, do you think it'll work as well with ice pops molds? Thank you!
  • MS10806441
    12 SEP, 2012
    This is the easiest and the most delicious ice cream I've ever made. I've made it four times, and I got rave reviews from my family. People can't believe there was no churning involved. I will use this recipe for the rest of my life! Thank you so much for the recipe. BTW, I
  • MS12171593
    19 AUG, 2012
    Definitely easy. I used rum rather than bourbon. I used my ice cream machine rather than a loaf pan, turned to frozen treat quickly It seems rather creamy to my pallet. I can't think of any way to lower the calories other than increase milk and reduce cream. I will try and see what happens. If successful, I will update the comments. It is a nice quick treat, thank you for sharing with us.
    13 AUG, 2012
    Easy and delicious

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