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This smooth, rich dessert comes to us from Amanda Graff, who works in our test kitchen at the television studio. It's an old family recipe.



For the Crust

For the Filling


Cook's Notes

Note: Raw eggs should not be used in food prepared for pregnant women, babies, young children, or anyone whose health is compromised.

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  • hotbeverage2017
    19 MAR, 2019
    My family and I couldn't quite agree on whether this is truly a French Silk pie. We always think of the Baker's Square version as the "real" one. However, with that said, we did like this. While we were ready to snub the pecan crust, all agreed that it worked really well with the chocolate and probably is better than the ordinary pie shell for a crust, although we still agree the ordinary pie shell is really the classic for this pie. This was easy to make and we did like it but aren't certain it shouldn't be fluffier for our personal tastes. The only real problem was that the sugar came out a little grainy. I know I scraped the sides of the bowl, beat it as long as I should, and did all of that, correctly. But I used ordinary sugar and suspect that using baker's/bartender's sugar would have made it blend better. But I wouldn't avoid this recipe if you only have regular sugar (I mean cane sugar or beet sugar). I would also take the extra step to make the pecan crust because it really did add something to the pie and wasn't hard as long as you can either get ground pecans or have a way to easily make them (I have a mini-food processor plus a manual grinder).
  • aglucycampbel
    1 MAR, 2019
    Super easy to make and yummy! Used a store bought pie crust and still worked perfectly.
  • MS10146394
    11 JAN, 2019
    I haven't make the crust, but I'm sure it's very good. This is my go to recipe for French silk pie filling. It is excellent and fairly easy to make. I'm not sure why the ratings are low, but feel it maybe because of trolls.
  • MS11604842
    23 NOV, 2017
    OK, I bake all the time. I also am not a huge fan of chocolate or frosting. I don't care what you haters think, this pie is amazing. I love it. My family loves it. It is delicious and has been on our family table for the past 4 years.
  • ALR4942082DW
    29 NOV, 2016
    I made this for Thanksgiving using a standard pie crust but otherwise followed the recipe exactly. It really does taste like and have the consistency of a whipped chocolate frosting. If you love frosting, you might love this pie. Everyone said it was delicious, but I would never make this again.
  • zoltar girl
    30 NOV, 2012
    OMG Adrienne, get a life. you are a bitch.
    • balesskgmail
      11 DEC, 2015
      Hilarious. This is exactly the kind of comment I enjoy when I scroll down to check to see if a recipe is good.
  • Adrienne Fuller
    25 SEP, 2012
    OMG....This recipe is crazy! I've never seen a recipe that is straight up frosting pie! I think the reason that so many people love this pie is because it's not pie at all - it's frosting in a pie shell...a graham cracker pie shell. Let me get this egg for every ounce of chocolate? Yup. A whole cup of sugar? Oh yeah! If you're looking for an alternative to that Duncan Heines can you've been spooning, here it is. Enjoy while you sit in your lazy boy cheering on Jerry Springer
  • Kerry Hansen
    31 AUG, 2012
    I'm not an expert cook, but I felt like one after I made this pie. I followed the directions to the letter but got a little impatient beating each egg for 5 minutes. I fudged a little on that, but it still turned out perfectly. I did have some filling left over, too, so you can use a large pie pan. For gluten-free folks, I replaced the flour with the same amount of Arrowhead Mills all-purpose GF flour, and not a single gluten-eater could tell the difference.
  • barbmich
    23 DEC, 2011
    This is, by far, the best tasting pie I've ever made. The filling is like biting into chocolate heaven, and I'm a chocolate devotee. I love the taste of the crust, but must be doing something wrong, because I could NOT get it out of the pie plate without absolutely destroying the pieces of pie. Still delicious, but I could use some help with how to be able to cut and serve pieces of PIE, not French Silk filling with crumb topping. HELP!!!!
  • nikiblaker
    2 NOV, 2011
    Just used this recipe a couple days ago and it turned out FANTASTIC. I should also note I am a complete novice and it was the first pie, first ANYTHING from scratch I ever made. The crust was so tasty and the consistency of everything was perfect. It tasted even better the second day after chilling overnight.

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