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New York Crumb Cake is quite a popular item at Foster's Markets in the Raleigh-Durham area of North Carolina. Owner Sara Foster estimates that her shops sell three to four pounds of crumb cake every day, mostly to transplanted New Yorkers.




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  • MS112605243
    28 MAY, 2017
    This is exactly what a New York crumb cake should be-a thin layer of cake with a thicker crumb topping. I follow the recipe as written, and except for it needing more baking time than stated (more like 30 minutes,) it always turns out great.
  • bonnie3h
    21 JAN, 2017
    Our family has used a recipe like this for as long as I can remember (and I'm 72). This is not a high-rising, fluffy cake. It is not meant to be. I divide the recipe between two 8" square pans so that I can freeze one for later after baking. Just follow the recipe as shown and I'll bet you'll enjoy the result.
  • ALR6256011DW
    16 JUL, 2016
    I think the texture and presentation of this cake was just fine however it was very bland and just not sweet enough and for me to say that is huge considering I do not like super sweet cakes. I used an 8x8 pan for thicker pieces and the cook time appears to be way off as it took nearly 40 min on 325 degrees. I would make it again but this recipe needs modifications to enhance sweetness especially in the cake part. For a MS recipe I was disappointed because they are usually on point.
    • MS11820936
      20 JAN, 2017
      Actually, in my opinion, if it's not made with yeast, it's not a true coffee cake.
    • MS11820936
      20 JAN, 2017
      Basil; you reduced the pan size so of course the baking time will be much more, also this is not supposed to be a sweet cake but a coffee cake. You get the sweetness from the crumb topping.
  • teckhoff1
    11 SEP, 2016
    I followed the directions but the crumb topping was very moist. I rechecked the ingredients twice and watched the video twice. What went wrong? It's in the oven so I'll see what comes out.
  • teckhoff1
    11 SEP, 2016
    I followed the directions but the crumb topping was very moist. I rechecked the ingredients twice and watched the video twice. What went wrong? It's in the oven so I'll see what comes out.
  • MS10742265
    15 AUG, 2016
    This recipe is fabulous and I've been making it for years. I make it for family, neighbors & friends and everyone loves it. I always have requests to make it for social gatherings & school events and for a copy of the recipe. I've substituted vegetable oil and fat free milk for whole when needed and it comes out great. I use a 9x13 cake pan and it is not dry and perfect with a cup of coffee/tea or a glass of milk. This is a staple recipe in our home and will be passed on for years to come.
  • ALR5996369DW
    30 JUL, 2016
    This is exactly how I remember the bakery crumb cakes from the bakeries in NY. I live in TX now and have been making this recipe for years. I don't modify it at all.
  • maryjonewjersey
    7 MAR, 2016
    I just made this for the second time and made the changes I felt were needed. It was lackluster, but had good texture. The changes I made were: cut the flour for the crumb topping down BY 1/4 cup, upped the brown sugar for the topping UP by 1/4 cup, and upped the cinnamon to 2-1/2 teaspoons. For the cake body, I dropped the vanilla BY 1/2 teaspoon and ADDED 1/2 teaspoon of almond extract. Much better, and now the flavor stands up to the wonderful texture of the cake it (which it already had)
  • MS112621533
    6 FEB, 2016
    What I noticed is the recipe directions state to put the oven rack in the center of the oven but on the video, the baker stated to put the cake on the top rack. I think this would cause the cake to bake at a higher temperature. I advise you try baking on top rack. Cake is delicious!
  • donnayoung
    16 DEC, 2015
    I've made this recipe time and time again and it always receives RAVE reviews! It is easy to make and comes out delicious! People beg me to make it for them!

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