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Raspberry-Almond Financiers

Recipe photo courtesy of Victor Schrager

These petits fours conceal a honeyed, cakey interior beneath a crisp, crackly surface embellished by hand with hearts of raspberry puree.

Source: Martha Stewart Living, February 2008



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  • Maya Saccuzzo
    3 NOV, 2013
    These were super easy to make and tadste great! I used 1-1/2 cups of almond mill instead of sliced almonds and put 1/2 raspberry into each cake. Too much batter for one 24 mini maffin tin, I also filled up a 12 Madeline tin. Yummy and super easy!
  • Holly Wood
    12 FEB, 2013
    For those trying to make these look like the picture: Bake the financiers in mini-muffin tins without paper. After they are done, then put them in the mini-muffin paper cups. You can tell in the picture that there is a shadow between the paper and the financiers which indicates that they were not baked in the paper cups.
  • Hannie81
    17 FEB, 2011
    How do you make them less puffy? I want them to look flat like they do in the photo. I followed the recipe exactly. Any tips? I've pretty much mastered the hearts after my 3rd batch. they're really yummy and super easy to make.
  • Messaward
    13 FEB, 2011
    I just made these for my boyfriend for valentines day and they turned out great! all the hearts turned out but I used a different technique then martha, what I did is I two small drops of raspberry purre close together and then joined them with a stick you use to make kebas with. One thing I didn't expect was that they rose quite a bit and looked like little muffins but were still beautiful and tasted really good!
  • ckjewell1
    7 FEB, 2011
    These were yummy, but my hearts did not turnout well at all. Much harder than they make it out be.
  • ckjewell1
    7 FEB, 2011
    These were yummy, but my hearts did not turnout well at all. Much harder than they make it out be.
  • borntoobake
    11 FEB, 2009
    I just made these today. They came out really good. I did try baking some in muffin papers, they did not get as brown as the ones in the pan and the hearts seemed to loose the shape a little. Also, watch the time they seem to brown quickly.
  • wannabeez
    9 FEB, 2009
    just a comment after looking at a few of the other comments. A financier, if you look up the definition, is not a cookie but more like a little almond cake. Hope that helps relieve some of the confusion/disappointment in your results.
  • judypidgeon
    8 FEB, 2009
    Is it necessary to start with fresh raspberries, or would using raspberry jam work just as well?
  • llcourtney
    6 FEB, 2009
    I made these last year and they were lovely and quite tasty. There is a trick to getting the heart shape but once you've done a few it's easier. No worries on not using papers, they pop out of the tin easily. I should make these again, thanks for the reminder Martha.

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