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Deer-Resistant Plant Options

There's no way to completely keep wildlife out of your yard (short of erecting a tall fence), but you can pick plants that are less appealing to them. Rebecca opted for these deer-resistant, low-maintenance beauties.

For Sun

Ageratum: This annual has fuzzy, button-like flowers in pink, blue, and white, as well as bicolors. Look for tall, graceful hybrids such as 'Blue Horizon.'

Ballota: The velvety silver foliage of this low-grower makes a nice accent spilling from the edge of a flower bed or a container.

Cleome: With airy pink or white flowers, the upright spidery plant left, produces heat-resistant blossoms all summer; it grows up to 36 inches tall. 

Verbena: Both the spreading and upright varieties are long-lasting; the purple flower of the bonariensis blooms atop wiry stems. 

Zinnia: Easy, carefree varieties of angustifolia form tight mounds of white, orange, or yellow flowers.

For Shade

Asparagus fern: The soft, feathery plumes of this subtropical plant are a great contrast to flowering annuals.

Caladium: Light up shady corners with this bold-leaved tuber; plant in groups throughout a bed for the best effect.

Euphorbia: Frothy, starry-white flowers float over the top of the foliage on 'Diamond Frost',a good choice for edging.

Heliotrope: Best in morning sun or partial shade, this intensely fragrant, old-fashioned plant features whorls of purple, lavender, or white flowers, and deep green leaves.

Perilla: For a shot of tropical color in partial shade, try purple and bright-pink 'Magilla,' a Japanese herb with frilly edges; it generally reaches up to 24 inches tall

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