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Roast beef is classic British fare. It's the centerpiece of a traditional Sunday dinner, and the hearty main course for a holiday celebration. Chef Anne Willan has drawn on her own family's techniques for cooking and serving a standing rib roast for this recipe, which is served with roast potatoes and Yorkshire pudding.

Source: Martha Stewart Living Television, December 2000



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  • deeg1138
    23 JAN, 2018
    I have made this recipe three times now and going to show one of my sisters today, how to make it for her Book Club this weekend. Let me just say I made this for Christmas (2017) dinner with some of our family (and one is NOT a meat eater at all). First started off with a small roast and then people were added seems each day so it grew. So we ended up with a 13 lb roast (yes I said thirteen lol) and we had some left over (thank god because I love it and the gravy was honestly to die for). My one nephews girlfriend does not like meat (ack this was put in my vault for future reference) BUT once she took a bite she stopped and looked at me and said “omg this is so good, like seriously so good” I smiled and said of course it is I made it lol. At the end of the night I asked if they wanted to take some home for tomorrow and she was the first one saying “oh yes please” I said really? She said I don’t like meat but this was truly so good I’d like to have more!” Then my nephew and Mom, etc wanted some to go so I gave them all some along with the gravy! I had my mom make the gravy with the drippings off the roast and my God, the best gravy I have eaten in my life (and I find myself a gravy connoisseur)! The roast was cooked to perfection and I mean it was like buttah to cut and melted in your mouth! Not tough and chewy at all. The crust it made, was so full of flavor that I thinly sliced off the ends so I could eat it lol. Hey I made it, so it’s mine! It sliced up so well using the electric knife (I have had forever). Just an outstanding meal. We had two roasts left over from prior planning the Christmas dinner ie: one for two people, one for 4 people and then the one I cooked for the actual dinner. I decided to cook another one 2 weeks ago and since my mom wasn’t here to make the gravy I thought I would just have the au jus and omg it was just as good, like freaking good! Tasted like the one my Mom had made yet no flour, water, better than bouillabaisse, just the drippings alone! As Frank’s red hot sauce says “I put that ___ on everything!” that gravy is just outstanding! I wanted to drink it lol! Kudo’s to you Martha Stewart for another awesome, AWESOME recipe! Thank you!
  • 57Chevy
    27 DEC, 2007
    Gerat receipt. Very moist. Ordered dry-aged, ribs removed and tied. Butcher seasoned it, will ask for no seasoning next time and will try the mustard rub. Trush your instant-read thermometor. Gravy tad salty, added a little sour cream and water.
  • DeeBee200
    26 DEC, 2007
  • Bluekat
    21 DEC, 2007
    How long does the Rib Roast usually take to cook? I would like to make sure that all of the side dishes are finished around the same time as the roast.
  • Bluekat
    21 DEC, 2007
    How long does the Rib Roast usually take to cook? I would like to make sure that all of the side dishes are finished around the same time as the roast.
  • Elsiebee
    17 DEC, 2007
    How long does this size rib roast take to cook? I plan to roast the potatoes and cook the yorkshire pudding, both of which rely on pan drippings from the beef. I want to coordinate so all are ready to serve at same time. Thanks to anyone who can help, and thanks to Shazzer for the hint about dry-aged rib roast!
  • Shazzer
    11 DEC, 2007
    If you order a dry-aged rib roast (so worth it!), the butcher will have removed the rib bones and tied them back on. After roasting and resting, cut the string holding the ribs and remove to a separate plate. Then take it to the table, slice the roast in the same direction the ribs ran, it's perfectly easy. Serve the end cuts to the people who want medium, or even run a few slices under the broiler for them. It's a sin to overcook this roast!!
  • sativa1234
    11 DEC, 2007
    i would also like to know how to serve portions.. thanks!! cant wait to try this english twist for christmas.
  • hon_jr
    10 DEC, 2007
    Looks fabulous! I'm going to cook this instead of a Turkey this Christmas. My wife does not like ANYTHING "medium rare", however: how long should it be cooked to get it to "medium"?? Thanks!
  • mef1957
    1 DEC, 2007
    This would be a beautiful presentation for a holiday dinner and looks fantastic on the table too. I see that a 3 to 4 rib roast should serve between 6 and 8 people but my question is, exactly how does one cut and serve this beautiful piece of meat from the table?

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