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Farm-Stand Find: Padron Peppers

If you spot these at your local market -- they're relatively new to the United States -- grab them!

Martha Stewart Living, July 2011

"I'm addicted," Martha Stewart Living food editor Christine Albano says of these Spanish peppers. "They're slightly less sweet than green bell peppers and take on a delicious, smoky flavor when you char them." (But be forewarned: While most are mild, one or two in every bunch packs a mouthful of fiery flavor.) Whether you grill the peppers with Spanish chorizo or give them a cross-cultural treatment by serving them with goat cheese and lavash, you'll be glad you picked a peck.


Look for bright-green peppers a little bit larger than a jalapeno, with a slight sheen. Avoid any with shriveled skin, soft spots, or bruises.


Refrigerate peppers, unwrapped, for up to one week.


Padron peppers require little prep. They usually have few, if any, seeds, which don't need to be removed. The thin skin can be tough, however, and responds best to the high heat of grilling or frying.

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