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Perfect Roast Turkey 101

Recipe photo courtesy of MARIA ROBLEDO

This recipe yields a plump and regal turkey, with crisp, golden-brown skin and an aroma to match.

Source: Martha Stewart Living, November 1995



Cook's Notes

If your roasting pan only fits sideways in the oven, turn the pan every hour so the turkey cooks and browns evenly.

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  • ALR11338548DW
    25 DEC, 2018
    I have been using this recipe since it appeared in Martha Stewart Living Nov. 1995, I still have the magazine. Before this recipe I tried many other. They were fine but this recipe exceeds my expectations every time. Everyone is so thrilled over the crust color, texture and taste. The bird is very juicy. I put this recipe in my private cookbook with all my special recipes for my daughter when I am gone. Thank you Martha.
  • MS10724775
    22 NOV, 2018
    I love the recipe and changed it just a little but using sage, thyme and poultry seasoning on the inside. I also stuff both ends and somewhat under the skin. I leave the cheese cloth on longer then stated and they use the cheesecloth in my gravy making process (okay my hubby actual does this part).
  • CKL21762829
    22 NOV, 2018
    Always produces a beautiful and delicious turkey.
    • sharonbank5203715
      22 NOV, 2018
      I have been using this recipe many years and it always produces a great turkey, flavorful and golden brown.
  • JohnR101
    22 NOV, 2018
    I’ve been using this recipe, along with Martha’s turkey brine, for close to 20 years, always with picture perfect and delicious results! Today, will be my 19th Turkey 101! Happy Thanksgiving!
  • stirlingsweetie
    21 NOV, 2018
    This is The. Best. Turkey. Ever. My family has been using the recipe for years, and it has never failed. I've always made it exactly as the recipe dictates, but I will use two cups of wine, as another reviewer had suggested.
  • cliucnm
    20 NOV, 2018
    I’ve made this turkey for years and it always is perfect. Always juicy and never dry. Picture perfect too. Even those not too keen on turkey like it.
  • 14003595gnm
    18 NOV, 2018
    This makes the most picture perfect turkey!!! It is flavorful, juicy, tender and looks like it’s off the cover of a magazine. Seriously!!!!
  • ytabetnm
    18 NOV, 2018
    I've made this turkey twice and its moist and delicious. Not sure why both times my drippings were burning off on the pan. The 2nd time I added chicken broth to the bottom so my drippings wouldn't burn. I'm thinking its because I did convection roast. Going to try it just traditional roast. Also, my roasting pan is to big to go in legs first. Have to put it in sideways. Seems to not be a problem. Anybody else have the issue with the drippings? I'm tempted to go buy a better roasting pan, but not too sure if that would make a difference.
  • jenniferbougie
    28 DEC, 2017
    I make this turkey several times a year, I love that it only take 4 hrs and it is so moist and juicy.
  • patricia_bott
    24 DEC, 2017
    I’ve roasted our turkey using this recipe for about 5 years (if not longer). It has always turned out moist with a beautiful roasted breast! It’s fail proof!!

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