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Summer Essentials: Packing for Vacation

Everyone looks forward to vacation. But before you set off, there's one giant hurdle to get over: packing, not just for yourself, but for your kids, too. By letting children choose what they will bring, you can teach them a useful lesson in problem solving -- and, eventually, save yourself some work. Plus your kids may be happier to wear the clothes in their suitcases if they selected those items or outfits themselves.

Our printable lists can help you steer novice packers in the right direction.Together, decide how many of each item they will need and write that in the space provided; if you want to remind them to pack jeans or some other specific article of clothing, jot it below the items. Once kids have made their selections, have them lay out the clothes on the bed so you can survey everything before it gets packed away, and suggest alternatives, if necessary.

Print Our Packing for Vacation Checklist

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