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Tree-Stump Table

Turn a tree stump into a shimmering and functional side table with a faux-bois surface. The simple how-to comes from TV art director Anduin Havens.

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, May 2011


  • Drill

  • Screws

  • Angle brackets

  • MDF (medium-density fiberboard)

  • Stump

  • Level

  • Martha Stewart Living Precious Metals paint in Silver Leaf and Crag

  • Paintbrush

  • Jig saw

  • Utility knife

  • Birch bark

  • Ruler

  • Hammer

  • Small nails (or brads)

  • Martha Stewart Living Decorative Painting Tool Kit


  1. Using a drill, screws, and angle brackets, attach a 24-inch round of 1/2-inch MDF to top of stump, making sure it is flush against the stump and level.

  2. Paint entire stump and attached round with Silver Leaf paint. Let dry.

  3. For the tabletop, cut a 26-inch (or larger) round from 3/4-inch MDF with a jig saw.

  4. Tear or cut (with a utility knife) birch bark into 1 1/2-inch strips and affix to edge of MDF round with small nails.

  5. Paint entire tabletop, including birch edging, with Silver Leaf paint. Let dry. 

  6. Once tabletop is dry, paint top surface with Crag paint, and working quickly, use graining combs from Decorative Painting Tool Kit to create tree rings in desired patterns and thicknesses. (Tip: If at any point you are unhappy with the rings you are creating, simply paint over what you've done and start again.) Let dry.

  7. Once tabletop is completely dry, attach to painted stump with screws by drilling up through the attached smaller round in the bottom of the faux-bois tabletop.

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