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This wonderful raisin pie is a favorite family recipe of online editor Kristen Aiken. To space out the hearts, Kristen uses a paper circle with a diameter of 2 to 3 inches.

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, May 2009



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  • MS12383180
    24 AUG, 2017
    My grandmother from Scotland brought her mother's recipe for 'Raisin PASTY' to the USA when she came to live with us. She put the container of raisins & fresh cut lemon wedge in a sauce pan with water to soak on simmer for about 2 hours to rehydrate the raisins. After the soaking she removed the lemon wedge and used the ingredients listed above ... but she used dark brown sugar instead of regular sugar. Then she raised to burner to thicken the raisin mixture. She rolled out pastry dough to fit a 9 X 13 rimmed baking sheet. Then she put the filling on the baking sheet. She then rolled out another sheet of pastry dough and covered the raisins and worked the edges as you would for a pie. Then using a fork she would poke holes all over the top and then brush it with egg wash. Everything baked in our house was usually at 350 degrees (LOL). When the top was medium golden brown she removed it from the oven and placed it on cooling racks. This was sliced in 3x3 inch squares after completely cooled. Whenever there was a church supper or if going to a dinner at friends 'THE REQUEST TO BRING' was ALWAYS for 'Nana's Pasty'. I still make it ... YUMM !!
  • ALR11384906DW
    24 MAR, 2013
    This is an excellent recipe very much like my mother used to make. I made my own pie crust recipe. As a Canadian, I also know the difference between Mincemeat and Raisin pie. And Katziz, Kingston was never part of Quebec.
  • Sheryll_Rufus
    24 DEC, 2010
    I am not a baker in the least bit and I think I might be able to pull this off. Sounds much better made with cornstarch and apple cider vinegar than lemon juice too. I do know how to make a Pate Brisee, just not so great at rolling it out. But I learned from Martha to keep the dough very cold and it helped me so much.
  • CanadianBaker
    13 NOV, 2010
    This recipe worked out great. My dinner guests just loved it. Just wanted to add that Im also from Canada and I just want everyone to know that some of us do know the difference between Raisin Pie and Mincemeat Pie. FYI Katzlz you need to come down off your high horse because you got this one wrong.
  • jkpenny
    17 NOV, 2009
    I made this with dried cranberries substituted for the raisins and it was delicious! Looking forward to serving it at Thanksgiving this year.
  • cooknon
    15 MAY, 2009
    I love the way she cuts hearts out of the top! Cute!
  • KatzIz
    14 MAY, 2009
    FYI, my family is from Quebec, Canada, and we have the same receipt. My Nan called it Mincemeat, and when the Great-grandmother was living in Kingston, Ontario, it was probably still a part of Quebec...
  • lewf
    23 APR, 2009
    This pie brought me back to my childhood! So delicious!! And the pie dough recipe is the best I've ever worked with. My new go-to. Thanks!

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