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Baked eggplant and a healthier bechamel match up in an Italian classic made virtuous. The cheeses are on top, instead of in layers, with a creamy pink sauce underneath.

Source: Everyday Food, December 2008
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  • MS11428052
    28 MAY, 2017
    This looks like a good recipe and I can't wait to try it. It would be helpful if the video demonstrating the process had sound. The weird thing is, the advertisement before the cooking demonstration has sound and then the cooking video doesn't.
    • makatzenberg
      12 OCT, 2018
      I had to click on the little speaker icon to get the sound, and then I had to click on the little speaker icon on the advertisement to stop the sound for that.
  • makatzenberg
    12 OCT, 2018
    Very easy and a much healthier but still tasty alternative to frying the eggplant.
  • jhcoulton
    30 APR, 2018
    Great for healthy conscious eggplant lovers, low fat mozzarella (one of the few cheeses most doctors let you eat),tomates,olive oil,skim milk, garlic. What could be better for you? Just put fresh basil leaves between the layers.
  • kw4695
    16 FEB, 2017
    Loved this dish. I increased marinara in pink sauce to about 3/4 cup and also used more in layers, using a total of about 24 ounces. I aadded two layers of sauted spinach between eggplant and sauces.
  • MS11915565
    21 APR, 2016
    Actually not suitable for "real vegetarian" because of the Parmesan (Rennet), but I think if you substitute it, its as good as this one. I find it a pity no one cares about how cheese is made or what is in it. But I´m very happy that we have so much product to substitute some ingredients!
  • Matthew N
    9 MAR, 2015
    Very good, but it needs twice the marinara sauce (2 cups total).
    • MS12218342
      20 DEC, 2015
      Is there any nutrition information for this recipe? Though it is lighter than traditional breaded eggplant parm, I'm concerned that there is flour in the recipe for the sauce. I'm looking for really low-no carb recipes.
  • MS10204348
    13 OCT, 2013
    Give yourself time to cook this dish... But once done, you'll love it! I serve it over bucatini pasta - absolutely delicious! It tastes just wonderful.
  • caegan
    12 FEB, 2013
    I substituted mozzarella almond cheese, and it turned out well.
  • SvelteyMelty
    29 AUG, 2012
    I caught part of this on the Today Show for the Labor Day segment. I am developing a craving for eggplant but fried eggplant is too heavy unless I drive a bulldozer over it with paper towels.I will use real mozzarella but bake it. Counting calories is so 80's. I used to miss out on truly great flavor by undermining recipes.
  • kristen929
    10 FEB, 2012
    This is delicious, have made it many times. packergal, this is lighter than breaded and fried eggplant parm with full fat mozzarella.

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