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Cuff Closure How-To

Complete your beaded cuffs with a handmade closure.

Photography: Raymond Hom

Source: Martha Stewart Living, May 2011


  • Beaded bracelet

  • Magna-Tac glue

  • Needle

  • Tapestry thread or yarn

  • Bead or button


  1. To add loop and bead closure, first hem the ends of the bracelet bases by folding under 1/2 inch and attaching with Magna-Tac glue; on one end, dab glue only on the edges, so you can slip thread into the fold.

  2. With a needle and a tapestry thread or yarn, go up through the fold, make a loop of about 1/2 inch and return the needle through the flap. Reinsert the needle where you pulled it though the first time, and sew a blanket stitch all around the loop to fortify it. Return the needle back down through the fold.

  3. Tie off the thread, and glue the folded flap down securely. Sew a bead or button to the opposite hem end of the cuff (sized for the loop).

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