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A Twist on Traditional Salads

A few fresh twists bring out the best in classic combos, reminding us why we loved them in the first place.

Martha Stewart Living, May 2011

It's easy to dismiss traditional salads as culinary has-beens, regrettable victims of their own popularity. The once-posh Waldorf salad has lost a little luster since its 1890s debut. And thanks to the ubiquity of Caesar, Greek, and spinach salads, we've all plowed through more mediocre renditions than we'd like to remember. But there are good reasons to reconsider the classics. When done well, they deliver flavor combinations that continue to work magic -- apples and walnuts in the Waldorf, anchovies and Parmesan in the Caesar, cucumbers and tomatoes in the Greek, and egg and meat in the spinach. They're simple to make, and they're easy to adjust. Here, four iconic salads get the kind of modern update that makes them interesting and new while keeping them true to themselves.

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