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Almond Macaroons

Recipe photo courtesy of Beatriz DaCosta

This classic almond cookie is moist, soft, and chewy.




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  • beardamc
    28 APR, 2018
    This recipe is incomplete and sadly it is not the first one. MS's recipes almost never work which usually means that they don't even try them before publish them. Such a pity.
  • carlason1
    20 APR, 2018
    What more does a girl need to know, if it MS it’s good. Well not in this case. Major omission is that the egg whites need to be beat till they are stiff BEFORE folding into the mix. Get the instructions fixed, after my mess, I checked the other reviews, wished I had done so before because the same proble, was pointed out before.
  • cphpnhaolcom
    3 APR, 2017
    After looking to create the almond macaroon from my childhood and trying many recipes- did the recipe on the Odense almond paste box. Super easy and perfect.
  • Annie1015
    25 NOV, 2014
    This is a great recipe! My cookies came out perfect. I used a single tablespoon scoop and got 8 cookies per batch. The recipe is fine, you don't need any flour. Make sure you use the right kind of sugar. They are very soft when they come out but harder as they cool. 25 minutes was the perfect amount of time.
  • Trainher
    2 DEC, 2013
    The key to success seems to be the last mixing step: beat for three minutes until thickened! I just took 16 lovely cookies out of the oven BUT I used my 1 teaspoon scoop. Wish I had doubled it but the prior unenlightened reviews scared me off!
  • emilyfleis17226
    17 MAR, 2013
    It works! I had the same reaction at first: my batter was "syrupy", runny. But I went for it and they came out! I dropped the batter using a 2-t. cookie scoop and I barely got a dozen - would not have using a 1-T. scoop. Mine were flatter than in the photo, but chewy and carmelized-y on the bottom, almost like meringue from the egg whites. I think maybe they would have had more height if I could have worked faster to get them in the oven, before the batter flattened. Anway, have faith!
  • lowiss
    19 NOV, 2012
    I come back to this recipe every year to see if there has been a change or if someone has posted the right way to make this cookie because I have tried to make it several times and it is a dud recipe. @EMM3773-that video is how to make french macaroons not almond macaroons. If anyone at MS reads these can you please post the correct recipe. Are you supposed to beat the egg white into soft or stiff peaks before you add it in? Thanks...
  • emm3773gmailc
    26 SEP, 2010
    If you watch the video of Martha making this recipe at: you'll see that the egg whites are supposed to be whisked first -- this is not specified in the online recipe or in the book! I will try it again, but Martha owes me some egg whites and icing sugar!!!
  • esau
    12 DEC, 2008
    This recipe is a dud! It didn't turn out at all...perhaps missing an ingredient such as flour
  • schplinky
    8 NOV, 2008
    Is this recipe correct? I just tried to make it and there is nothing but a syrup to my batter. 1/2 c of sugar doesn't seem a lot of bulk to make a dough. Should there be flour?

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