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Italian Meringue Buttercream for Perfect White Cake




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  • valerie diemi
    11 AUG, 2015
    This is a really good recipe! You really need that candy thermometer, because the syrup needs to have the soft ball stage. If you have this, it's quite easy to get a wonderful creamy buttercream! The eggwhites don't have to be perfectly roomtemperatured, so the butter. But it's better if it's not frozen before you mix it in.
  • cdbrand
    16 APR, 2015
    This is a perfect Italian buttercream base that serves as a jumping off point for a variety of frostings. Euro buttercreams do require correct technique. Common mistakes? Not heating the syrup to soft (or even firm) ball stage. Getting too much of the syrup on the edge of the bowl or beater. Egg whites that are too cold. Not having the butter at true room temperature.
  • rosasdolcevita
    3 MAR, 2015
    I made this recipe today and it turned out well. I agree that a candy thermometer is key to the success of this recipe. When the temperature reached the soft-ball stage on the thermometer, I took the pot off the burner. When beating in the butter pieces, the buttercreme will be liquidy, but as you keep adding more butter, it will thicken up to a piping consistency. My stand mixer is currently broken, so I used my electric beaters instead. I took longer but worked like a charm.
  • Kayla Marie
    7 FEB, 2015
    I made this recipe. You should use confectioners sugar if you are gonna do it. So what you would do is whip your egg whites until they have a medium peak, add cream of tartar, then add a little bit of butter at a time and also add confectioners sugar until it tastes just right. I am always up for trying new recipes but I didnt like this one. I work in a bakery full time making cakes and decorating them. I have a hard time with online recipes though.
  • krystyz
    27 FEB, 2013
    I don't why, but every Martha recipe I have ever tried is missing something and is a disaster , you have to figure it out and it could be very costly, but that's how she keeps her secret.. very it's not you it's her recipes...
    • Jackie Chavez
      29 JAN, 2015
      OK, so I read all of the reviews and here is what I came up with. I followed the recipe exactly and the frosting broke. It was a total mess. What the recipe doesn't say is the leave the butter out at room temperature first. If the butter goes in too cold, it will break. If it goes in too warm, it will be runny. I had to wrap a warm towel around my mixer bowel and it came out fine. Also, I learned that heating the syrup about 10-15 degrees more helps a lot. I hope these helps!
    8 DEC, 2014
    I stumbled across this recipe and took a chance, considering this is my first time ever making an Italian meringue buttercream. I started to panic once I added the butter, I wasn't sure if it was melting, but with some vigorous beating with my KitchenAid mixer, it soon became light and fluffy - it held its shape perfectly! I would also highly recommend a candy thermometer.
  • Fireflyjh30
    11 MAR, 2014
    It was the first time I have made an Italian Buttercream (and I used a hand mixer!) and it turned out perfect. Luscious and divine! Here are my thoughts: 1. A candy thermometer is a must! 2. Yes, it turns soupy; just keep beating it (about 5 minutes). Put it in the fridge for 10 - 15 minutes and beat again – this helps the cooling process. 3. Have no fear – I’m fairly convinced soufflés and Meringue Frostings can sense fear. If it fails, go to the bakery, and try again another day.
  • Missy Hardman-Salmon
    2 FEB, 2014
    THE perfect buttercream recipe. I have converted many American Buttercream lovers with this one. Pure buttery taste, smooth and not too sweet! Takes color, pipes and holds it shape very well. DO NOT panic when the recipe "breaks", it will come back together.
  • chefquiche0
    24 JUN, 2013
    I've made this recipe a bunch of times. You have to get the sugar to the right temp, though, that's absolutely critical. If you don't have a thermometer don't use this recipe. period. I have gotten to the point where I can eyeball it (the water boils off, & once the bubbles get big, its close.. like 10 min), but your best bet would be to put the sugar & egg whites in a double boiler, stir until the sugar is dissolved & its really runny (~5min), then whip to stiff peaks. Then add the butter.
  • tryingtocookstuff
    21 DEC, 2012
    Mine was also a failure and I used a candy thermometer. It's a runny mess. I tried heating it in a double boiler and beating it to salvage it - that didn't work. Any suggestions?

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