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Watermelon Pot Holders

Almost as sweet as the real thing, and certainly less fleeting, handmade watermelon pot holders became popular gifts in the 1940s, when red-and-white kitchens were in fashion. Today, these hot pads are abundant at flea markets and thrift stores, often selling for just a few dollars each. As you collect, you'll notice differences in scale and material. Older pot holders (such as the round pink one) were crocheted with finer cotton yarn. Those made in the 1950s through the '70s (like the slice at top center) were generally woven from thicker, and newly popular, synthetic yarn, which was favored for its durability. These vintage holders have usually held up well enough to be used for their intended purpose -- though you might want to display them on a kitchen wall or keep the spirit of summer alive all year.

Get the Watermelon Pot Holder Pattern

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