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Devil's Food Cake with Chocolate Ganache

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Half of the ganache is used for the glaze, which should be cool to the touch but pourable. If necessary, warm it over a pan of simmering water.

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, November 2005



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  • fwshipley
    24 JUN, 2018
    I'm a veteran baker. I was surprised at how dry and relatively flavorless this cake is, considering its rich ingredients. It's also labor-intensive (which would have been fine if the result was less disappointing.) I won't be making this cake again.
    • manthek2303
      30 AUG, 2018
      I made this cake and did not find it dry and tasteless so not sure why yours came out that way - mine was absolutely moist and tasted great - it's my go to Devils Food Cake
  • MS12076736
    11 DEC, 2015
    Made this cake with one recipe change, instead of adding water as this recipe calls for, I added the same amount of cooled brewed coffee. The coffee really brings out the flavor of the chocolate and the finished product was delightful.
  • Nassprice
    18 MAR, 2015
    Hi I love this site , I m always looking at the cakes and recipes in it, the only things that really doesn t help me to use them is the measures, I wish you use grams as well.. Cups to measure butter is not easu when you jave to keep the butter cold for exemple :/
  • Hill Grieshaber
    9 NOV, 2013
    I made changes to the recipe that enhanced the original. First, I am not sure about the use of Dutch Process because the recipe calls for baking soda, unless it adds to the deep chocolate look that is lacking with regular cocoa? I feel you can use regular cocoa or substitute the used of baking soda with DP (double the amount in comparison to the baking soda). I also added 2/3 cup of mayo for moistness. This made a wonderful flavorful cake.
  • jstiresstires
    11 OCT, 2013
    Dry, crumbly, horrific effort with expensive ingredients; VERY poorly written. One sentence has hours of effort. I suggest a boxed cake and canned icing, they're FAR better. This cake is awful
  • redrover189
    20 JUN, 2010
    I was extremely disappointed with this cake. It's a dense and heavy cake, but not fudgey at all - and certainly not a Devil's Food-style cake. It didn't have much flavor (dutch-process may be too mild) and the texture was really offputting. I am definitely not a novice baker and I don't believe the results had anything to do with a mistake on my part. I definitely would not make this again.
  • tlksiva
    10 APR, 2010
    hai can i know how much grom for 3/4cup sour cream pls
  • jefflouie
    20 APR, 2009
    I like it.
  • hannah_raya
    28 MAR, 2009
    The taste of olive oil fades when it is heated (also possibly its unique health benefits).
  • corduroyroad
    5 MAR, 2009
    My daughter uses olive oil for all of her cooking and baking. I would think that extra virgin olive oil would not have a least I've never tasted it in her cakes.

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