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Serve these sweet treats for dessert at your next game night. We used card-suit cookie cutters to shape the blondies into hearts, clubs, diamonds, and spades.

Source: Martha Stewart Living, January 2003



Cook's Notes

Blondies can be stored in an airtight container at room temperature for up to 3 days.

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  • fdoibarra34
    27 MAR, 2018
    Perfectly explained. Makes you wish to start cooking right away...
  • SophieL41448
    18 JAN, 2017
    I've been on a "brown butter" kick lately and made this yesterday Overall, a very good dessert but a little too sweet for me. Next time, I will reduce the brown sugar by 1/2 cup. The 13x9" pan was just right and I got more than 12 servings because the slices were smaller (due to the sweetness).
  • RochM
    26 JAN, 2013
    Excellent Recipe! My husband loves this, asks for it whenever I am making browies! The print button is on the top left side of the page, hard to find but all the butotns are there. It is a narrow column almost hiding behind the recipe. Probably should be redesigned to make it easier to locate.
  • mrskrum
    16 JAN, 2013
    Wow! These were amazing. So buttery. I never browned butter before, not sure if it was browned enough, I was worried about burning it. It turned out perfect. Thanks:)
  • NervousCookies
    21 MAY, 2012
    These are the blondies on which all other blondies should be judged. The texture is fabulously chewy (do not bake these looking for a cakey blondie) and the browned butter flavor is beyond amazing. The nuts and toffee add the perfect crunch. Make sure you take the take to prepare the pan and don't skip the parchment paper. I promise they are worth it. After making them once, they became a permanent fixture in my dessert repertoire.
  • gemkay
    19 MAY, 2012
    How do you save recipes to your collection? Haven't been able to do so for quite some time. Also, where' s the print button?
  • 1275
    13 MAR, 2012
    So yummy!! I loved the flavor of these bars! I halved the recipe and did alter it quite a bit but the taste was really great. I left out the walnuts and did not cut out shapes. These are great! I put it in an 8 inch square pan and cut it into 12 pieces and baked it at 350 for 30 minutes. They are great warm, I am thinking of pairing it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream......
  • hcrossn
    24 OCT, 2011
    This is for each cookie if batter made 12: Nutritional facts per serving (daily value): Calories 371.906kcal; Protein 5.679g (11%); Total Fat 27.01g (42%)(Sat. 13.168g (66%)); Chol. 103.714mg (35%); Carb. 28.005g (9%); Fiber 1.287g (5%); Sugars 8.926g; Calcium 59.523mg (6%); Iron 1.676mg (9%); Sodium 376.602mg (16%); Vit. C 0.127mg (0%); Vit. A 654.203IU (13%); Trans fat 0g
  • hallward
    7 SEP, 2011
    Is there any place on this site that gives the nutritional value for the recipes.. I dont like to make something if I dont know those values. All Recipes gives the value for every recipe.
  • sfroass
    7 SEP, 2011
    Browning unsalted butter is more tricky than salted butter. With salted butter, there are more solids to fall out. This makes it easier to gauge when you have actually reached the browned stage.

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