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Martha's Cream-Cheese Pound Cake

Recipe photo courtesy of Bryan Gardner

Serve this moist, slightly tangy cake with a swirl of lightly sweetened whipped cream and your favorite berry compote.

Source: Martha Bakes, Episode MBLB1002
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  • MS11649638
    11 JUL, 2018
    For those of you having trouble with the time and temperature in this recipe, Martha's cake cookbook has a recipe that's almost identical to this one (it has a little more salt and a little more vanilla, but everything else is the same). The cookbook version calls for baking at 350 degrees for 70 - 85 minutes, tenting the top with foil if it starts to brown too much. Hope that helps.
  • sumwonzmom5915767
    8 MAY, 2018
    I finally figured it out by watching Martha a time or two more.. She uses a convection oven and once I set my regular gas oven at 350 degrees and baked for an extra half hour, everything came out great!
  • MS10738766
    16 FEB, 2013
    i have followed the recipe exactly. 2 standard pans, 325. It did not cook. Had to cook 70-75 minutes. I have a thermometer in my oven to check temperature acuracy. The same recipe is on other place on MS site but bakes it different time & uses different loaf pans. No consistency.
    • vgeorgieanna
      16 JAN, 2018
      You didn't say I feel your oven is gas or electric! Electric ovens are always a problem. They don't keep a constant temperature like gas ovens do and they can really be tricky at times! Mine will go along fine then suddenly burn what I'm baking, so I have to keep a close watch on what ever I'm baking butnot open to often. I only have this problem when baking cakes, cookies, pies breads but not on roasting!
  • kimosaby1962
    4 DEC, 2014
    I should have read some of the comments first. I have been checking the cake every 10 minutes after the 50 minute mark, and I had to turn my over slowly up to 350. I have a feeling this is going to take double the amount of time. Sure hope it is worth all the trouble and ingredients.
    • vgeorgieanna
      16 JAN, 2018
      If you check your over so often it lowers the oven temperature each time you open it. I know that may sound crazy but opening and closing so often really does effect the temperature!
  • karenuh
    5 MAY, 2015
    I've made this cake 3 times now. I want so badly for it to bake properly. The temp & time in the recipe are grossly incorrect. Today (3rd time making the recipe) I baked it at 350 (non-convection) for 1 hour 25 minutes. I think it worked. HOW CAN A RECIPE BE POSTED TO THIS REPUTABLE SITE FOR SO MANY YEARS WITH SO MANY COMMENTS REGARDING THE TIME & TEMP, AND NO ONE MAKE A CORRECTION TO THE RECIPE??? DOES NO ONE MANAGE THIS SITE??? It's so frustrating. :(
    • vgeorgieanna
      16 JAN, 2018
      I didn't have a problem. Did you allow your oven to heat to the proper temperature? I heat mine for 20 minutes after the beep for the temperature setting sounds and I never have a problem!
    • MSModerator601
      5 MAY, 2015
      Recipe time & temp. correct for conventional gas oven; tested several times. Make sure: ingredients at room temperature; full-fat cream cheese & unsalted butter (non- or low-fat and/or butter blend/margarine mostly water); large eggs (not extra-large); metal (not glass) loaf pans. Also, if you live above sea level, cook time & temp. needs to be increased, depending on elevation. Try placing the loaf pans on separate (not the same) oven racks & rotate mid-way through cook time.
  • bevlitwin
    17 JAN, 2017
    Wondering why the tops on both my cakes cracked while baking. Any suggestions on how to prevent this from happening? Also I baked them at 350 degrees for 65 min in a conv gas oven. They were completely cooked using this time & temp. I used room temp butter, cream cheese and eggs.
    • vgeorgieanna
      16 JAN, 2018
      You really did bake it to long! When you change a baking recipe in any way, it changes the way it turns out! The only adjustments to a baking recipe should be the temperature change for the different types of pans you are using, lower for dark or coated pans, but that sometimes doesn't mean the baking should be longer! My experience with pound cakes has been they crack when over baked. You could also try a water bath, as you would do for a cheese cake to keep it from cracking! But 9 times out if ten, baking to long cracks a cake if any kind!
  • ania003
    16 FEB, 2015
    Required raising the temperature to 330-ish and adding an additional 40 minutes. It's very sweet....The recipe might be little bit off.
  • Katperson
    18 JAN, 2015
    I have made the cream cheese pound cake for 60 years. I have never had a cooking problem with it. I do beat it very long. My grandma gave me the receipe. She said be sure and beat each item very good . However not the flour.
    30 SEP, 2014
    This cream cheese pound cake is so delicious! I make it all the time - the recipe makes two cakes and it freezes well if you don't need the second one right away. For birthdays or special occasions I make Martha's caramel sauce (from the apple spice cake recipe) and whipped cream......Everyone goes crazy for it. I'm making it this weekend for family birthday party and I can't wait to eat it.
  • ladyp512
    21 JAN, 2014
    I tried it for the first time..delicious.. however.. the top did crack and I had to bake it a little longer..all in all..a delicious recipe

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