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This quick-and-easy dessert is lighter than traditional cheesecake, since it calls for ricotta instead of cream cheese.

Source: Martha Bakes, Episode MBLB1002



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  • katiekk7382054
    4 APR, 2019
    Not exceptional but quite good and was very easy to make. I didn't have an 9" pan so I had to use my 10". Was not done after 1 hour, probably due to pan size, so I increased the temp to 350 and had to bake for another 20 min. I like that there's no cream cheese used (which makes desserts too salty for my taste and too heavy).
  • kbalagopal1
    19 JAN, 2019
    Delicious! I make my own ricotta from lactose free milk and it is wonderful in the cheesecake
  • bfleisher5945422
    16 JAN, 2019
    I made this cake for a friend’s birthday. I put fresh fruit and fruit glaze on top. I also added a cookie crumb bottom and a whipped cream and mascarpone layer to the top just under the fruit layer. I brought the cake to a restaurant and after i left the party the brthday girl gave a slice to some people at the next table.The next day i received a call from the folks that were given a taste. They begged me to make two of the same cakes for them!! I think i may have fund a way to make extra money!!
  • eb470
    25 DEC, 2018
    Delish! I also found the texture right for a ricotta cheesecake. But the bake time is waaay off -- it took almost twice as much time... and that was after I cranked it up to 350 degrees for the last fifteen minutes. (I have a new Bosch oven, perfectly calibrated, double-checked w an oven thermometer... so def not my oven.) Maybe 325 CONVECTION?
  • MS10793502
    29 OCT, 2011
    So disappointed in texture - grainy. I think it might have been better made in a mixer and really whipped. Well, just another recipe that needs improvement
    • bsfdx30
      17 NOV, 2018
      Italian ricotta cheesecake is grainy.
  • almaburgos
    22 FEB, 2017
    Looooovvvveeee It!
  • silviaercolegm
    25 OCT, 2016
    I made this two days ago, following the video instructions (which are slightly different to the written version). I ate some after refrigerating and initially I was disappointed - it was too eggy. But two days later in the fridge it has developed into something quite delicious. The lemon flavour has developed and the "egginess" has diminished. I have also found that you have to have it with strawberries to really make it sing. I used strawberries macerated in lemon juice and sugar. Lovely
  • Sweetroop Roop
    11 FEB, 2013
    italian famous dishes & cake please send me this recipes
  • MS11838470
    26 MAY, 2012
    Love it. I do us my free standing mixer to mix like a regular cheesecake,whip it up!. The taste is great and with a hint of orange to finish. Will make this one again and again.
  • BeanMan
    24 SEP, 2011
    Delicious, easy, and different.

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