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Top these delightful strawberry cupcakes with Strawberry Meringue Buttercream and tiny wild strawberries.

Source: Martha Bakes, January 2011



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  • Bakergirl100
    6 APR, 2013
    Between the cake and the frosting, this recipe calls for 5 STICKS OF BUTTER! That is TOTALLY insane. What is she trying to do? Enhance the incomes of cardiologists? Absolutely obscene! No wonder Americans have the weight problems they have!
    • mammies6luvs
      18 SEP, 2017
      Really, you are totally insane ,please!!!
    • norma9511
      13 MAY, 2017
      well these are considered a 'treat', not something you eat on a regular basis, plus one does not eat the w[filtered] recipe, so chill out.
    • cjsaricgmailc
      13 MAY, 2017
      You have the butter amout right but you must have missed that it makes THIRTY cup cakes which would be just over 1/2 oz of butter each. Don't think anyone would be eating all thirty
    • mainecoon789
      23 JAN, 2015
      Perfection! I will note that in my experience it usually takes about 9 minutes for the meringue to form stiff peaks, and fresh strawberries (1 1/2 cups washed, dry halved strawberries, pureed) make a much better buttercream than jam. P.S. Speak for yourself, Bakergirl100! Cupcakes are a treat, not a staple; those of us who exercise and can stop at one cupcake can splurge once in a while.
  • robinann612
    9 FEB, 2014
    These Strawberry cupcakes with the Strawberry Meringue Buttercream frosting are totally amazing! A bite of this is like thee BEST strawberry shortcake you ever, ever put in your mouth! I loooooove them & everyone who has tasted one, that I've made, has echoed the same. Yummmmmmmmmmm!!
  • Kitiya Khamyaem
    3 MAR, 2013
    I have made this cupcake a week ago and it was a big hit :) agreed to previous comments that the texture is more like muffin but taste is great. Make sure that the butter is completely at room temperature, otherwise the consistency wouldn't come out right and you will need to dump it in the gabage bin like I did for the first attempt!!
  • ReneeSarah
    19 FEB, 2013
    It is really important that the butter is room temperature when you start. Cold butter doesn't mix well and I paid for not being patient. I think I would put less strawberries in next time- because they do cook to a jam like consistency in the cupcake. I agree with another reviewer that before putting the frosting on that they tasted more like muffins. I will make these again!
  • Chelsea Hudlow
    5 FEB, 2013
    I just made this today. The cupcakes themselves were great! Very fluffly, light, and had a nice strawberry flavor. I chopped my strawberries a little less, so every once in a while I got a bite with a larger chunk - yum! Will definitely make again in the future.
  • Erika H
    20 JUN, 2012
    All this work and you get these beautiful and perfect cupcakes with lovely frosting. And then, in the last make it all taste like strawberry jam. I will make them again, but skip the strawberry jam.
  • thebabymammabug
    31 MAR, 2012
    I made these cupcakes in a trial run for a big Easter party. I was glad I made them before... not quite what I expected. They were a lot more like strawberry muffins than strawberry cupcakes. I haven't made the icing yet, so maybe that will transform them.
  • Sandykinss
    13 FEB, 2012
    Made this for Valentine's 2012 and these cupcakes are amazing!! it was light, fluffy and moist. The strawberry meringue buttercream was really good too (make sure to use good strawberry preserves). will definitely mark this as a favorite. Thank you Martha for sharing this wonderful recipe!
  • hnmland2498118
    19 AUG, 2011
    very good and moist love it!!
  • MS10663774
    11 FEB, 2011
    These cupcakes are awesome. The strawberry meringue buttercream icing puts them over the top.

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