Lovebird Cookies

Let love take flight this Valentine's Day with a batch of beautiful bird sugar cookies from Sweet Dani B owner Dani Fiori. For a guide to decorating your cookies, download the Lovebird Cookie template.

  • Yield: Makes 1 cookie

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, February 2011


  • Dani Fiori's Royal Icing
  • Georgia peach or rose-pink gel paste food coloring
  • 1 5-inch Lovebird Sugar Cookie Cutout
  • Violet and rose-pink or red gel paste food coloring
  • Fondant hearts or Sweethearts candies
  • Gumdrops or Cupid Corn
  • Red hots or jellybeans
  • Candy heart
  • Candy confetti rounds or candy dots


  1. Mix together some of the royal icing with peach or rose food coloring until desired shade is reached. Transfer to a small squirt bottle with a wide tip. Leaving 1/4-inch border, outline the cookie with colored icing. Draw several zigzags across entire surface of the outlined area. If necessary, use a toothpick to spread evenly.
  2. Mix together some of the royal icing with violet and rose-pink or red food coloring until desired shade is reached. Draw 3 lines horizontally across the body of the bird. Using a clean toothpick, lightly drag across the lines five times, alternating directions, to create a "feather" pattern.
  3. Use the fondant hearts or Sweethearts candies to form eyes, the gumdrops or Cupid Corn to form a beak, the red hots or jellybeans for the feet, and place a candy heart in the center of cookie. Place a small dot of royal icing in the center of each eye. Arrange the candy confetti or dots to form the pupil of the eye. Let cookie dry completely before packaging.