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These decadent doughnuts from chef Joanne Chang's "Flour" cookbook quickly sell out every time she makes them at her Boston-based Flour Bakery + Cafe.

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, January 2011



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  • MS10571416
    23 DEC, 2013
    Hi, kindly tell how to store the raw doughnut dough. If preserved through refrigeration will it give the same results like the fresh dough? For how long it can be preserved and whats the process for reusing the refrigerated dough especially for the vanilla cream filled doughnut as you have to give 15 hours to the dough to rise. Thanks
    • ak4x4mom49270237069
      4 MAR, 2019
      I really just want to comment on this recipe ! It Is awsome. I didnt uave time to chill for 5 hours, only like 2 tops. Still the results were spot on and way better than any I have ever bought! Will be making many more soon!
  • Idiosyncratic
    24 MAR, 2012
    Post part 2: Oil ur clingfilm or it will take top off ur donut or ruin the shape as u pull n tug it off! Whilst frying the first few batches were good but keep an eye on oil temp as it keeps getting hotter and then the next batches are going in oil that's too hot so cook on outside but stay soggy in midle. Other than adjusting that I didn't have high hopes for my final product considering all my botch ups!But they tasted like heaven, soft snowy inside with nice outer crust n puffy round donut
  • Idiosyncratic
    24 MAR, 2012
    I mAde these very tentatively. The dough was very sloppy and I worried that I did something wrong but as I followed the recipe I refrained from chucking in lots of extra flour! I don't think it rose as much as it should overnight ( prob not very active yeast) but when I rolled it out it was soft but manageable, and after cutting circles I left then in very warm room. In hindsight maybe it was too warm as I had trouble getting the donuts in frier! Ps: oil ur clingfilm or the top of ur dough
  • Ilovebakingmorocco
    17 NOV, 2011
    Hello- I do not have active dry yeast so i would like to replace this recipe with 2/3 ounce fresh cake yeast... Do i need to proof it? Do i simply crumble the fresh cake yeast into the milk and continue on with the recipe? Or do i do it otherwise? Thank you!
  • jdevine
    31 JAN, 2011
    To DJY, whenever to dough doesn't rise properly, all roads lead back to the yeast process. That's why proof is so important.
  • DJY
    29 JAN, 2011
    After watching yesterday's show, I decided to make these for my family. They were almost perfect. The cream filling and the taste of the doughnut were awesome. The part that I can use a little help or work on is getting the doughnuts to puff up when frying. They were flat and very difficult to get the cream in. I made the dough the night before and then rolled them and let them rise the next morning. They rose in about 1 1/2 hours. Maybe my oil was too high? Help??

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