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Apple and Numbered T-Shirts

Photography: Francesco Lagnese

Source: Martha Stewart Living, June 2011


Family Olympics wouldn't be complete at your reunion without starting lineup shirts for everyone to wear during the water-balloon toss, three-legged race, and doughnut-eating contest. Begin with matching apple-motif tees and then stencil numbers on the back with fabric paint.


  1. Print apple clip art onto iron-on transfer paper designed for white or light-colored fabrics.

  2. Cut around the apple, stem, and leaf with scissors or a craft knife.

  3. Center the apple onto the front of the T-shirt and iron on according to the paper manufacturer's instructions.

  4. Print the number templates onto heavyweight paper.

  5. Cut out number using a craft knife (if using stencil multiple times, print onto
    regular paper, place stencil paper over printout, and cut out with craft knife).

  6. Place a heavy piece of paper or cardboard inside T-shirt to prevent paint from
    bleeding through.

  7. Center stencil on back of T-shirt.

  8. Pour black fabric paint onto a paper plate. Using a 3/4-inch stencil stippling brush, paint stencil using an up-and-down motion.

  9. Heat-set according to fabric-paint directions.

  10. Print the Apple T-Shirt clip art

  11. Print the Number T-Shirt clip art

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