After you've baked your holiday confections, use them to make delicious gift assortments for family and friends, like these packages Martha and her mother, Martha Kostyra, created for icebox cookies.

They look delightful simply slipped inside labeled cellophane envelopes, but for a sturdier container, use a small box lined first with a layer of colorful glassine and then with parchment.

Sort and pile the cookies by kind so that you can see clearly what you've got to work with. Inside a paper-lined box, set several of each variety of cookie in stacks, alternating forms, textures, and colors. Neatly fold the paper over the cookies. Close the box, wrap with cellophane, and if you like, tie with a pretty bow. Or, fill a box with only one kind of cookie. Remember to handle the cookies with care, as they can break quite easily.


Find antique ribbon at Hyman Hendler & Sons or Bell'occhio.


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