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Gelatin desserts in fancy molds have long been considered delicacies, adorning royal dessert spreads. And self-styled "jellymongers," Harry Parr and Sam Bompas are striving to elevate the lowly treat -- known in their native Britain as a "jelly" -- back to what they say is its rightful place at the apex of dessert decadence.

The boys create elaborate gelatin creations that would be mistaken for architectural models were it not for their neon hues and, well, wobbling facades. They began their jellymongering ways in 2007, inspired by a longtime love of jelly and an awareness of its formerly dignified stature.

What began as a small custom-order shop has blossomed into a "Jellymongers" book and a successful business called Bombas & Parr, with clients and jelly installations all over the world. Their creations have included a gelatin rendition of St. Paul's Cathedral in London, a jellied Christmas dinner, and even glow-in-the-dark jellies.


Learn more about Bombas & Parr, and get their recipes for Ribband Jelly and Champagne and Summer Fruit Wedding Jelly.

Photo credit: Chris Terry


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