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Vintage Postcard Treat Box

The Martha Stewart Show, April 2011

Package Easter treats in whimsical boxes decorated with vintage postcard designs reminiscent of holidays past.

Tools and Materials

Treat Box How-To
1. Download templates (7 box sleeves and 1 inner box), increase size by 125 percent, and print out on 100-pound-weight cardstock of desired color. Be sure to print one inner box template per box sleeve template printed.

2. With scissors or a craft knife, cut along all solid lines.

3. Using a ruler and bone folder, score both templates along dotted lines. Be sure also to score along both edges of the postcard clip art on box sleeve.

4. Fold along all scored lines.

5. With double-sided tape, create box sleeve by connecting end tabs. To create inner box, use double-sided tape to secure flaps on either end.

6. Fill inner box with Easter grass and candy as desired, and insert into box sleeve.

The 100-pound-weight cardstock is available from Paper Presentation. Bone folder available from Martha Stewart Crafts.

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