Felt Puppy Ears Headband

Every child can be top dog with these easy-to-make Dalmatian, Doberman pinscher, and basset hound ear headbands.


What You'll Need



  1. Download and print the template of your choice onto cardstock and cut out with scissors.

  2. With a marker or a tailor's pencil, trace ear template two times onto two different colors of felt -- black and white for the Dalmatian, dark brown and tan for the basset hound and Doberman.

  3. With scissors, cut ears out of felt. Layer one ear piece of the lighter color over an ear piece of the darker color and with fabric glue, affix the layers together. Make sure each ear is a mirror image of the other.

  4. With scissors, cut ear embellishments out of each ear template and trace onto felt. Cut out two of each embellishment and affix them to each ear using the template as a guide for placement. Let all glue dry completely.

  5. Once ears are dry, use a hot-glue gun to attach ears to headband. To do this, line up top diagonal edge of each ear with the inside center line of the headband, with the wrong side of the ear against the inside of the headband.

  6. Once glue has set, flip ear over and around the top of the headband. Use a little bit more hot glue to tack the ear to the top of the headband. Let glue dry completely before wearing.

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