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Emeril's Braised Chicken Thighs

Recipe photo courtesy of STEVEN FREEMAN

When I'm preparing this dish, it's all I can do to wait until it's finished simmering to get a taste of the awesome gravy. You've simply gotta cook some rice to eat with this, no doubt about it. Recipe courtesy of Emeril Lagasse, "Emeril 20-40-60 Fresh Food Fast".

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  • keyboardballet
    3 SEP, 2015
    It seems that the recipe here has been reposted and is now complete. That being said, I have to comment on how delicious these were. 'Technically' I can't review on the recipe as written. I didn't have any fresh herbs on hand so I substituted with dry but they still came out amazing. I also brined the thighs for 6 hours with salt and honey before braising them. For sides I made asparagus and rice. The rice is a must so you can smother it with this gravy. Delish!!
    • lrborshay
      14 NOV, 2018
      LoL it's not corrected! #3... missing what the 1/2 is.(salt) Cooking the onions +/- 4 minutes, to translucent AFTER adding the 1tbs flour and adding the black pepper... it's is so irritating...
  • Slate02876
    16 NOV, 2016
    This chicken is amazing. I add the essence seasoning under the skin and into the flour too. I also like to double the onions and chicken stock to make more of the delicious gravy to put on top of my white rice. For the woman who said it was too greasy - 1. Did you trim the fat from the chicken well? 2. Did you use quality butter (this is very important). For everyone that I've made this dish for, I've had nothing but RAVE reviews. This is one of my favorite dishes. Definitely delicious!
  • Joshua McGee
    29 JAN, 2015
    This recipe is incomplete and broken. Do NOT eat chicken thighs after they have been simmering for only 15 minutes! jujulovesbaking provided the link to the original recipe which, as noted, requires 40 minutes more time on the stove. Editors: please fix this recipe, for safety if nothing else.
    • JennNYC
      3 MAR, 2015
      It appears to be cooked longer than 15 mins. First you brown the chicken on both sides which cooks them a bit, then braise for 15 minutes, turn, and braise for an additional 20 minutes. That should be long enough for chicken thighs - and if questionable - use a meat thermometer to be sure!
  • MS11934108
    26 OCT, 2011
    This is a delicious recipe. I do simmer it for one hour, which helps to blend the flavors. It's a great weeknight dinner!
  • SuzePrich
    24 OCT, 2011
    I would never make this again. Even though I used Old Bay instead of Emeril Essence, I am sure it wouldn't be all that better. The sauce is greasy (even though I poured off all but a couple TBSP of the fat, which the recipe doesn't even call for it, and I skimmed some!) and BROWN. It makes the rice very unappetizing looking. The parsley doesn't help! The taste is generic and unimaginative. Love Emeril, but this isn't his best.
  • AlexisMahrus
    24 JUN, 2011
    I'm in the process of making this recipe, but I just realized : it's incomplete! Found the rest of it on another website very easily.
  • jujulovesbaking
    12 JAN, 2011
    This is a great meal and I enjoyed it very much, but the recipe here is missing a whole bunch of stuff. I realized this only when I was making the thighs for dinner yesterday, but luckily I was able to find the full recipe here at Emeril's website: The meal requires at least 40 more minutes than the receipe suggests.
  • kaylarae
    31 AUG, 2010
    yummm! Easy and delicious! I used double the amount of chicken thighs and there was plenty of sauce for all of it. I love this recipe!

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