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Soft and Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

Recipe photo courtesy of Victor Schrager

Chocolate chip cookies are a go-to favorite dessert, sweet snack, or after-school treat. With our easy, three-step recipe, you'll have soft and chewy chocolate chip cookies to serve and enjoy in no time.Need recipe inspiration? Sign up for our Everyday Food Newsletter and get our most delicious recipes delivered to your inbox.




Cook's Notes

If desired, use a small ice-cream scoop for uniform-size cookies.

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  • icyunv97
    28 NOV, 2017
    I had to cook a couple minutes longer and using an aluminum pan makes all the difference but still i love this recipie. So simple and very good.
  • amber_faris25
    4 NOV, 2017
    I have not the slightest idea as to what I did wrong. I followed the recipe ingredients and directions to a T, I baked my cookies at/preheated the oven to 350 like the directions stated to do and baked them for 9-10 minutes until golden brown started, but they ended up being waayy TOO SOFT like they were still doughy. They would squish up and fall apart before even taking them off of the baking sheet... ?!? Is there something wrong with my oven? What should I said it to instead if anything?? please help me.
    • dorobinfel
      6 NOV, 2017
      You need to check your oven temp to see if it heats to correct temp. They sell them at grocery stores or Walmart for $2 - $3.
    • raiderettewv70
      11 NOV, 2017
      Also, and I made this common mistake myself sweetie, allow your cookies to cool down completely before trying them. I know the aroma is absolutely calling your name, but those few minutes can make all the difference in the final.products' texture!
    • icyunv97
      28 NOV, 2017
      I had the same problem. I chilled my dough for about 30 mins and also left them to bake for about 12 mins. You might want to play around with it a little until you get what you feel to be just right for you.
  • ulyanakay
    31 OCT, 2017
    YUM! I used King Arthur Flour and Harris Teeter brand chocolate chips. They turned out SO good. Slightly crispy on the outside and super soft and chewy on the inside! I maked mine for about 14 minutes. Thank you!
  • claudiaesla
    12 OCT, 2017
    I learnt how to properly make cookies withs this recipe and it never fails! The only thing I have to say is that DO NOT FOLLOW THE COOKING TIMING because the weather and latitude have a huge influence in the final product: I live in Cancun City. We are on a wet and hot enviroment on the sea level. I put 2 dozens on the oven and they take like 20 minutes to be done.
  • vinniecampagna
    9 OCT, 2017
    I think I have bit of different cup than US .. Anybody point me please in grams? Just about these ingredients.. Sugar, Flour and Butter? I have found google but simply I could not rely on.
    • jancar1948
      30 OCT, 2017
      Hope you still need this: 1 cup of flour is 136 grams (2 cups would be 272 grams) 1/4 cup is 34 grams 1/2 cup white sugar - 100 grams 1 cup packed brown sugar - 220 grams 1 cup butter - 227 grams
  • avafox2001
    7 OCT, 2017
    I’ve made these a few times now and every time the are delicious and full of chocolate :) However they never really crispen up on the bottom and it’s kinda like eating raw mixture and always fall apart to pieces :/ Any tips???
  • collette_052
    6 OCT, 2017
    I was skeptical trying this recipe due to some of the poor reviews, and being my first time making cookies. However, I followed the recipe exactly, and they cookies were the best I’ve ever had. Phenominal.
  • siusir
    15 SEP, 2017
    I guess this is a Martha recipe since it's on her website. But I really just followed Thomas Joseph in the video. Really easy to make and nice that he explained how adjusting the ingredients' proportions one can adjust the texture of the cookies to suits one's taste. Thx for this easy to follow recipe.
  • mzimmel
    28 AUG, 2017
    My go-to, perfect chocolate chip cookie!
  • sonia3062249
    21 JUL, 2017
    • jessicaleighh12
      19 AUG, 2017
      I don't think it's Martha's fault you almost burned your house down. Learn how to bake.
    • mayarosetaylor
      27 AUG, 2017
      jessicaleighh12, look, I know that Sonia could use some common sense but she may NOT BE FROM AMERICA, we use Celsius over hear in England and if you are new to baking you may not be aware of differences across the world of baking
    • liana34900
      28 AUG, 2017
      The USA is literally the only country that uses Fahrenheit. The rest of hen world uses Celsius. So it's totally understandable to hate she was confused. Im from New Zealand and was confused too as I thought "wow 350 is very high!"
    • MS11494407
      30 AUG, 2017
      Is Martha Stewart American or European? Sorry, but if you're making recipes from an American chef located in America, all recipes are going to be in Fahrenheit and imperial measures. When I make recipes on non-American sites, I Google the temperature conversion from Celsius to Imperial and set my scale to metric measures.
    • lumberingdeer55
      1 SEP, 2017
      Oh I'm sorry are you to retarded to see that its a .com site? Its an american site of course its going to be in Fahrenheit
    • siusir
      5 SEP, 2017
      Let's not throw hate around. But if Sonia is non-Americanized enough to know what Martha uses for measuring her ingredients, then she should be careful about the "stick of butter" reference. In many parts of the world, a stick of butter is 200g or a little less than half a pound; much more than our quarter-pound sticks here in the States.
    • alienormapp
      5 SEP, 2017
      Thanks for your comment though, I totally was going to bake them at 350 degrees celsius lol. By the way, I don't know Martha Stewart but I believe she's a well-known chef if Sonia was supposed to know she's American. Anyway, my point is that if she's a well known chef, she should just precise '350 degrees Fahrenheit' (or 350°F). (And .com doesn't means it's an American website, aaand calling someone retarded isn't nice to retarded people, it's not their fault and it shouldn't be an insult!) I hope I'll enjoy the cookies haha! I wish you all to... bake well?

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