Exotic caudiciforms have long intrigued unusual-plant collectors like Dennis Schrader of Landcraft Environments with their sculptural forms and unique growth habits. Usually found in areas with little water, these succulent plants prefer bright, hot locations and make excellent houseplants for sunny windows.

Caudiciform Care

When actively growing, caudiciforms should be watered about once a week, much like their succulent sibling the cactus. In northern areas, these plants can be left outside during summer months and brought indoors when the temperature drops. During dormancy, no water is required for larger caudiciforms, while smaller plants can be watered once a month. Resume regular watering in later winter/early spring, and the caudiciforms should quickly burst into bloom, perhaps even producing vines that grow 20 or more feet.

Training on a Trellis

Caudiciform vines, such as Ipomoea andersonii (morning glory) and Bowiea volubilis (climbing onion), can be easily trained to grow on upright garden structures such as trellises. Begin by inserting three natural bamboo stakes over the caudiciform plant, connecting their tips with wire to create a tripod. Wind the caudiciform vine up the tripod. Finish by wrapping the tripod with raffia.


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