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Wire-Lace Egg Garland

Colored eggs, beautiful ribbons, and shimmering pearls come together in this festive spring garland, perfect for decorating traditional Easter egg trees or adorning a windowsill.


  • Ruler or measuring tape

  • 20mm pale gold wire lace

  • Dyed 14mm pearls (see Egg Ornaments process)

  • Drill or Dremel Stylus fitted with 1/8-inch bit

  • Blown, dyed eggs (see Egg Ornaments process)

  • Scissors


  1. Dye eggs and pearls as indicated in the Egg Ornaments process.

  2. Measure out a length of wire lace that is twice the desired length of your garland.

  3. Tie a knot at one end of wire lace and thread the other end through a pearl until it is adjacent to the knot. (Tip: If the hole in the pearl is too small, widen it using a drill or a Dremel Stylus fitted with a 1/8-inch bit.)

  4. Open the end of the wire lace and insert an egg. Push the egg through the lace until it is against the pearl.

  5. String another pearl all the way onto the wire lace and against the egg, securing it in place.

  6. Repeat process of inserting eggs and threading pearls until the garland is complete.

  7. End with a threaded pearl and tie a final knot at the end of the lace. Trim any remaining wire lace with scissors.

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