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Windowsill Greenhouse

Get a jump on growing season by starting vegetable seeds indoors in an elegant windowsill greenhouse.

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, April 2011


Resources:Greenhouse Kit and Martha Stewart Living Seeds are available from The Home Depot. M-brace for raised bed from Art of the Garden.


  • Jiffy Windowsill Greenhouse Kit

  • Vegetable seeds

  • Water

  • Raised bed (optional)

  • Potting soil

  • Compost


  1. Water peat pellets contained within the windowsill greenhouse kit. The peat inside the pellets will take in the water and expand, growing from a flat pellet to a column of medium for seeds to grow in.

  2. Place vegetable seeds into pellets. Strong roots should appear within a few weeks of planting.

  3. Once seedlings reach a height of a few inches or more, they are ready to transplant into the ground or a raised bed. After transplanting, water seedlings evenly and steadily, and add compost to encourage growth. If using a raised bed, remember that they drain fast and need to be checked daily.

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