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Thin and Crisp Chocolate Chip Cookies

Adding more granulated sugar gives this classic thin and crispy cookie its crunch.

Source: Martha Stewart Living, October 2003



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  • murfy5828gmail
    13 FEB, 2019
    I usually make a pretty close variation to the toll house recipe, but some friends asked for a crispier cookie. this one is perfect! Wondering if some may miss the note in the directions about adding 1/4 cup water to wet mixture, as its not listed in ingredients. I use 1/2 sheet pans with silpat and also only bake 9 per sheet so they can spread a bit. Nothing but compliments, so it will stay in my go to collection.
  • subeeskitchen
    10 FEB, 2019
    This recipe works perfectly if you allow the cookies enough room to spread. I use air-insulated cookie sheets and only scoop 9 dough balls per sheet. Takes a little longer, but worth it. (Freeze half the balls for another day.) Use Guittard bittersweet baking wafers (large flat discs of amazing chocolate) for the ultimate cookie.
  • ACX70594429
    31 DEC, 2018
    Amazing cookies - do not let these idiots that left bad reviews sway your decision on making these! I'm guessing they can't follow a simple recipe! These cookies don't last in our home. They are perfect - they do not merge in the oven - leave your cookies room to expand, guessing these bad reviews might be from people trying them in a toaster oven, seriously these are the most amazing cookies - recipe is PERFECT AS IS! Ohio Mom
    • kenzyelaine
      15 JAN, 2019
      Yes! as long as you give them space they are perfect! I used mini chocolate chips they spread out really well and keep the cookies thin!
  • kenzyelaine
    15 JAN, 2019
    Perfect cookies! I used mini chocolate chips and I think it worked really well because they are so thin I was worried about how thin the batter was but as long as you give the cookies plenty of space they spread out and crisp up this is my favorite chocolate chip cookies recipe by far.
  • donnalangoneco
    23 DEC, 2018
    It's hard to go wrong w/ a chocolate chip recipe but this one does. They not only spread to form one big cookie but were basically tasteless. There is a great chocolate chip recipe which uses butter and spry but I cannot find. Does someone have it?
  • lauriestev8833551
    1 DEC, 2018
    Removed one egg. Added half and half about 1 fl.oz. cookie was thin.crisp and rich!
  • marcocaffuzzi
    1 DEC, 2018
    I used the 1/4 cup of water and they’re perfect. BUT: you have to bake them for nearly 18-19 minutes to get that dry, crispy crunch like Tate’s.
  • mlkaballet
    23 NOV, 2018
    I followed the recipe exactly and the cookies spread out so much I ended up with one big cookie on the pan. I have made many chocolate chip cookies and this was the worst I ever used. I am so disappointed, all those ingredients a waste. Now I need to find another recipe and make more cookies. Very, very bad, not a up to Martha Stewart standards. Do not use this recipe.
  • sunshpaul
    11 AUG, 2018
    I give this 5 stars. I have made these cookies 100 times, and they were great every time! I added marshmallows and it was delicious! This recipe is out of this world.
  • mailstop876
    12 JUL, 2018
    I originally followed the recipe exactly, including the quarter cup of water, but the cookies spread out too much, bleeding into each other, and cooked unevenly, ending up very greasy. I tried again, this time halving the recipe and using only 2 teaspoons of water, and it worked much better!

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