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Speculaas Cookies

Recipe photo courtesy of Ditte Isager

When imprinting the fragrant spiced cookie dough with springerle molds, stop frequently to clean the patterns with the tip of a skewer. This allows for a better impression in the dough and resulting cookie.

Source: Martha Stewart Living, December 2008



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  • mrnoisy
    15 DEC, 2017
    This recipe is too dry. It is missing eggs. Add two eggs to the butter and sugar cream and then you will get the right consistency. I blindly followed the recipe only to find that I couldn't make a dough with this as it is. Also you don't 'Whisk' dry ingredients together, you sift them. Poor proofing for a recipe site. Won't make it again. Found a more reliable recipe.
    • capucina9307923
      18 AUG, 2018
      I think adding eggs would make them less crispy? I used a little more water with success.
  • jessthedutchi
    8 MAR, 2018
    The recipe was missing eggs- a very critical ingredient.
  • JenRM
    20 DEC, 2010
    Speculaas is a favorite recipe in our house - especially around Christmas time. Being Dutch helps. :) I must say my mom's recipe is way better (and way easier) than this.
    • MS11802850
      29 NOV, 2017
      Can you post your moms recipe?
  • donna0322
    13 DEC, 2011
    I would love if JenRM would share her recipe. My husband is Dutch and I've been trying for 3 years to make a good speculaas! Mayson, I think the "coriander" is a typo.
  • Mayson
    17 MAR, 2010
    I have never made speculaas before and am unfamiliar with the ingredients. In the 2008 recipe (above) it calls from 3/4 t. of cardamom. Martha's 2001 speculaas version is mostly the same...except instead of the cardamom it calls for a t. of coriander. Can someone shed some light on this inconsistency? I'd love to try this spicy cookie, but I want to make sure I get it right. Thanks!
  • MS112597041
    31 DEC, 2008
    These cookies have an excellent taste. I too found the dough to be dry, so I added enough water to make the dough pliable. *NOTE* Next time I make these I would use less flour than the recipe calls for because I found them to have a slight 'floury' taste. Also, I noticed the colder the dough the better the impressions on the final cookies. I would suggest re-chilling the dough between re-rolling the scraps. These cookies are a lot of effort, but the taste is wonderful.
  • jrobertson81
    25 DEC, 2008
    These cookies are a lot of effort for a very disappointing result. The dough is impossible to work with because it's so dry. Also, the cooking time recommended in the recipe is way too long. Mine were burned after 22 minutes. I would like advice on what to do with such dry dough and also how to get defined images in the pressed cookies.
  • Joy54
    19 DEC, 2008
    Ours was dry too, so we added a little more water so it would form a ball. Sometimes the amount of liquid varies based on the moisture present in your flour. I thought the resulting color of cookies was a lot lighter than pictured.
  • anyaletta
    18 DEC, 2008
    There's so little liquid in this recipe, I found it very challenging to form a ball after mixing the dough. When I took it out of the refrigerator and tried to roll it, it just cracked and flaked apart and was unusable. I wish the instructions would give some tips for how to handle such a dry dough.
  • mrseight
    17 DEC, 2008
    You could probably find the molds at a Dutch goods store. Just Google it with the name of your city and see if you can find one. My Mom has these molds hanging in her kitchen as a decoration, so I had her bring it with her for the holidays -- and we are making the cookies today.

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