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Chicken Tetrazzini

Recipe photo courtesy of David Loftus

Our freezer-friendliest chicken recipe makes one casserole that will serve 4 tonight, plus a second meal to freeze and pull out when you're in a pinch.

Source: Everyday Food, April 2007
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  • lrshea
    29 JAN, 2008
    It looks like there should be an additional note regarding freezing this dish. Since I've prepared this and thrown it into the freezer, I'm wondering about that note. I'm planning to bake this for dinner later this week. Do I thaw it before baking? Does it go straight from freezer to oven? If yes, will it take a few more minutes?
    • gulflover
      8 APR, 2018
      I M with you on this comment. The video tells you to go to this website to learn how to cook Frozen tettrazini, but I cannot find an answer
  • CiaNahac
    29 MAR, 2008
    Really really good. Just ate the second one that had been in the freezer for a month. It was even better than the original one! I would definitely make this again. A handy tip for me was to line a baking pan with plastic wrap, fill it and put it in the freezer, then when it is frozen, take it out of the pan and place in a freezer bag. This really saved room in the freezer and freed up a pan.
    • gulflover
      8 APR, 2018
      When frozen how long and at what temperature did it bake? Covered or uncovered? Thank you.
  • LynneRinkoski
    12 JAN, 2014
    What is the calorie content
    • erinob333
      25 NOV, 2017
      What can you use instead of Wine...allergic to wine even if it is cooked????
  • b-eats
    14 NOV, 2014
    Tetrazzini is generally very bland. As is, this recipe was no different; flavor is lacking. Tried again and here's what I did to amp up the flavor: Sauté the mushrooms in olive oil, butter and white wine. Also while sautéing, add ~4 minced cloves of garlic to the mushrooms, and several sprigs of thyme. Season well with salt & pepper. For topping, use a mixture of Parm & Italian bread crumbs. We like to put some sriracha on top of each serving to give it a kick!
  • EllaBella24
    7 DEC, 2010
    Giada's recipe blows this one out of the water!
  • MichaelRoman
    3 DEC, 2010
    I hate to say this because Martha is usually spot on, but this recipe is a total DUD. This tetrazzini tasted like it was made for someone on a hospitalized mandated bland diet. Suck it up and add a large can of cream of chicken soup - it helps a lot. By the time I was done doctoring it, it was no longer Martha's dish. Add saut?ɬ
  • parajita
    20 FEB, 2010
    Joshuafitthebattle, instead of mushrooms you can pour some asparragus or green beans, or chick peas, or zuchini, or eggplant, even corn...
  • parajita
    20 FEB, 2010
    hmccarthy, try using rotisserie chicken instead, and sub fresh celery for the peas. you may also pour some curry powder, or chili powder, and garlic powder. You may also add 1/2 parmesan and 1/2 other cheease that your family likes best or a more flavoful one.
  • lweihmuller
    15 NOV, 2009
    I use rotel and velveeta cheese in place of parmesean.
  • hmccarthy
    15 NOV, 2009
    I have made it twice and it's too bland for us. :( We usually put tabasco on it before we eat. Does anyone know of a way to add another dimension of flavor to this? Possibly something sweet and more complex.

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