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Malt powder enriches these cookies with a creamy caramel and vanilla flavor that calls to mind a malted milk shake at an old-time soda fountain.

Source: Martha Stewart Living, May 2007



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  • Sandra7824
    17 AUG, 2011
    Loved this recipe! Easy, simple and light vanilla taste. I used Olvatine for the malt flavour and I will make these again!
  • Paradoxcake
    26 APR, 2011
    I bought vanilla beans just to try this recipe, I was so excited. The flavor was great and I liked the cookie but I wasn't as crazy for them as I'd hoped I'd be. They were just a fancier sugar cookie, basically. I halved the recipe, using about 1/8 cup of egg, and it turned out fine. For those who may not want to add the vanilla bean.. I bought mine at for $26 for a pound of beans (including shipping). I got well over 100 beans and I was *very* satisfied with the quality.
  • Paradoxcake
    26 APR, 2011
    I purchased vanilla beans just for this recipe, I was so excited to try it. The flavor was great but I wasn't as crazy about them as I thought I would be. It's a slightly fancier sugar cookie. I halved the recipe & measured the egg in a glass measuring cup & ended up using about 1/8 cup of egg. I also doubled the vanilla bean. For those of you who won't use vanilla beans due to expense: I bought mine @ at about $26 for 1 lb. (over 100 beans!!). I was thrilled with them.
  • AnninPDX
    2 DEC, 2010
    I tried these out for my Hoilday cookie plate, this is a keeper. Perfect flavor of carmel from the malted powder and the 2 kinds of vanilla. I think you can make it with out the vanilla bean if you use good quality Real vanilla extract. FYI - I found Carnation Brand - Plain malted powder at QFC, here in Portland, Oregon.
  • pglidden
    28 NOV, 2010
    I order fresh vanilla beans on-line from {}. They are very reasonably priced.
  • lisamaria
    25 APR, 2010
    These cookies are very good. They have a light delicate texture and nice flavor. I can't afford to buy vanilla bean (it's very expensive), so I used extra vanilla. I am sure the vanilla bean would have given a stronger vanilla flavor, but I did use a good pure vanilla extract. I ate them warm, and they were delicious. I am sure the flavor will really come out when completely cooled.
  • Misstaralyn
    19 APR, 2010
    @CocoCusa = I bought it at WalMart in the Chocolate Milk Mix (Nesquick, Hersheys syrup) aisle. There was chocolate malted and plain malted.
  • CocoCusa
    19 APR, 2010
    Where does one find malted-milk powder?
  • Misstaralyn
    19 APR, 2010
    Very yummy! I used my cookie press and the dough worked very well. Towards the end I needed to refrigerate while batches were in the oven because the remaining dough would soften up too much and be difficult to press and flatten in the oven. Kids love them!
  • slosh8715
    18 APR, 2010
    Can someone tell me if these are more on the crunchy or soft side? I prefer softer cookies.Sometimes I can get away with underbaking or I can usually tell by how much flour is used which they are but I have never made a cookie recipe that uses cream cheese. I love cream cheese but for some reason never used it in a cookie recipe.

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