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Lion Brand Baby's First Loom-Knit Playtime Balls

Photography: Lion's Brand

Source: Martha Stewart Living, 2011


Beginner Level

Set of 6, each about 14 inches (61 cm) finished circumference


  • Bulky cotton-blend yarn, 3 1/2-ounce/120-yard balls:
    Soft blue-green, 1 ball
    Cream, 1 ball
    Soft yellow, 1 ball
    Periwinkle blue, 1 ball
    Soft pea green, 1 ball
    Pale rose pink, 1 ball
  • Or colors of your choice
  • Martha Stewart Crafts Lion Brand Yarn Knit & Weave Loom
  • Fiberfill stuffing

14 stitches = about 4 inches (10 cm); exact gauge is not essential to this project.

1. Follow loom manual instructions for "single knitting" for how to cast on, knit, purl, and bind off.
2. Balls are worked in garter stitch (knit one row, then purl one row) rectangles.
3. The loom is configured into a rectangle to make it easier to hold, but the ball is worked in rows across only one side of the loom.

Loom Configuration
Use the following pieces: two 12-hole pieces and four 6-hole corner pieces. Connect pieces to form a rectangle as follows: 6-hole corner piece, 6-hole corner piece, 12-hole piece, 6-hole corner piece, 6-hole corner piece, 12-hole piece.

Place 12 small pegs into every hole along one 12-hole piece. Place 2 small pegs into one corner piece and one small peg into the other corner piece -- 15 working pegs placed.

Place contrast color small pegs in connecting holes to hold loom together.

Ball (make one in each color)
Cast onto every working peg. Work in garter stitch by knitting one row, then purling one row until piece measures about 12 inches (30.5 cm) from beginning. Bind off, leaving a long yarn tail.

Thread yarn tail of one piece into yarn needle provided with loom, then sew cast-on edge to bound-off edge to form a tube. Knot yarn tail, then weave it in and out through stitches along open end of tube. Draw stitches tightly together, and knot yarn to secure.

Stuff with fiberfill stuffing. Thread needle with matching yarn, then weave needle in and out through stitches around remaining open end of tube, and finish off as for first end. With same needle, weave yarn ends to inside of ball.

Every effort has been made to produce accurate and complete instructions. We cannot be responsible for variance of individual knitters or crocheters, human error, or typographical mistakes.

2011 Lion Brand Yarn Company, all rights reserved.

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