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This is the kind of classic, all-American layer cake that birthday memories are made of. It's guaranteed to please a crowd. To make an 8-inch layer cake, as featured on "Martha Bakes," use 1 teaspoon salt and finish with Mrs. Milman's Chocolate Frosting. Adapted from "Martha Stewart's Baking Handbook."

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, Episode 4001



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  • donronm
    26 MAY, 2018
    This is a good basic yellow cake recipe. Not too sweet. Don't skimp on the quality of the eggs. Nice deep yellow egg yolks is the key to a nice color.
  • alaskagiggly
    25 FEB, 2017
    Without a doubt, this cake is moist, dense, and decadently sweet, all in its own; however, when you frost it with a much less-sweet, chocolate Swiss meringue buttercream (using very dark - 85% cacao organic bars - or the like), the combonation is a PERFECT balance!
    • saabsister2523356
      30 NOV, 2017
      I would not use this recipe is quite lacking in flavour and is too dry....may be ok in a trifle but not as an iced cake. Why or Why does Martha have more than one good yellow cake ? I wish I had used the recipe that is in her cook book ....the recipe that uses buttermilk and 6 eggs.
  • ccb3294
    15 SEP, 2017
    I've made this several times and it turns out perfect every time. It's not at all dense, not sure what people may be doing wrong, but it's not heavy or dense when I make it following the instructions. The colour isn't yellow for me, and is more on the white-ish side, but that's likely because of my eggs. The yolks of my eggs are on the pale side so that likely impacts the colour of the resulting cake. I use a strawberry buttercream icing from "The Cake Bible" along with sliced fresh strawberries between layers and this result is sinful and oh-so-decadent!
    • ALR6142739DW
      15 NOV, 2017
      Has anyone made this with water instead of milk?
  • mmartha61
    2 JUL, 2016
    Made this for a birthday. Frosted it with Borden's fudge frosting. The best, most flavorful yellow cake ever! This is a keeper!
  • MS12086435
    30 OCT, 2015
    The cake is wonderful but it's not your typical yellow cake! the texture sort of reminded me of pound cake. and i made this twice but my cake came out white. when i make it again i will add less sugar than the recipe asks, because i felt it was a little too sweet.
  • rjparalegal
    3 SEP, 2015
    Love the butter taste. The cake was quite dense but good either way.
  • Hershee35
    23 AUG, 2014
    Anybody not too enthused about the heaviness of the cake can easily reduce flour to about 2 1/4 cups and beat the butter and sugar for about 20 minutes. That will give you a lighter, fluffier batter.
  • MS112585112
    15 AUG, 2014
    Excellent taste but the cake is too dense, it looks pretty fluffy in the pictures but it doesnt turn out like that, and I have done it several times.
  • crazyboutmartha
    21 APR, 2014
    I made the cake this past weekend and everyone loved it. It was moist and delicious, but personally I was a little disappointed in the texture of the cake. I prefer lighter fluffier layer and they were really pretty dense. More like a pound cake. Martha has always been my go to girl, but I will probably use a different recipe next time.
  • mvhyde
    13 FEB, 2014
    Made this cake for my hubbies birthday. It was very tasty, smelled delicious and was not dry. I can't say it was extremely moist, but 3 days later (of sitting on the counter on a covered cake stand) the cake is still reasonably moist. I followed most of the instructions but I used a quick substitute of Corn starch and AP flour for the cake flour. I frosted this with chocolate frosting and it is delicious. Better than a box, but I am still looking for a recipe with more moisture in the cake.

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