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New Lilies and Callas from Lilytopia

The Martha Stewart Show, April 2011

The name says it all: Lilytopia at Longwood Gardens is a veritable utopia for lily lovers, bringing together thousands of cut flowers -- including new and unusual varieties -- arranged in wonderful displays.

Among this year's presenters is Netherlands Flower Bulb Information Center director Sally Ferguson, who is showing all-new varieties of lilies and callas at this year's event. She shares a selection of hybrids now available to the public for the first time.

New Lily and Calla Lily Varieties
Lilium 'Belladonna'
With a rich yellow color edge to edge -- a feature not seen in pure Oriental lilies -- Belladonna represents a breakthrough in hybridizing.

Lilium 'Pico'

Last year's winner of Lilytopia's "Lily Idol" competition, Pico is among the hybrids that come closest to achieving a fully red flower, which is something of a holy grail for many hybridizers.

Lilium 'Lake Carey'

Lake Carey is Sally's new personal favorite -- a vibrant, satiny lily with plump, rosy buds.

Colored Callas

There was a time when callas only came in white, pink, or yellow. Then came pastel shades. But in recent years, calla breeders have focused on creating rich, vivid colors.

Calla 'Black Star'

In addition to a variety of colors, true black has long been a challenge for lily hybridizers.

Calla 'Red Pulse'

Red Pulse comes very close to achieving true red among callas, and it's now available as both a cut flower and garden bulb.

Lilytopia takes place May 20-30 at Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania.

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