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Caramels should be individually wrapped in cellophane or waxed paper the moment they are cut or they will absorb moisture from the air and begin to ooze.

Source: Martha Stewart Living, December/January 1995



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  • sixsons
    14 DEC, 2010
    Hi, I think many or most of you are misreading this recipe. It CLEARLY says to stir with a wooden spoon for 8-12 minutes just until the sugar is dissolved, then reduce the heat to medium and cook WITHOUT STIRRING for 45-60 minutes!!
    • broderwriter
      27 NOV, 2018
      After the not-stirring stage, then you enter the stirring stage again. It takes several steps.
  • broderwriter
    27 NOV, 2018
    Have made this exact recipe many times now and it is SPECTACULAR! I make it two or three times every Christmas. Over the years, I have become known for my caramels (hell, they are really Martha's, but she's not here to take credit for it!) and people request them, rave about them, fight over them, and generally go gaga over them. Can also add chocolate at the end for a "homemade Tootsie Roll" candy (only way better, of course). I wrap them in precut cello wraps from, to save many steps. Then, put a handful in a festive holiday cello bag and tie it off with a gold curling ribbon. A lovely gift!
  • debi-1952
    9 NOV, 2016
    I've made these every year for over 10 years. I have doubled the batches, you just need one big pot for it, and a husband with strong arms. Add just a little more time, maybe 5 minutes to each step, but for me, well worth it. But note, IT IS heavy! I just make so much of this that I really need to double up. This is THE BEST caramels, they give you just the right amount of pull when you bite in to them, and the flavor is out of this world. I won't make any others its so good.
  • Anarie
    20 DEC, 2011
    yeswithaj, I think doubling this recipe would be unsafe for most home cooks. You would have to lift and pour over 10 pounds of 244-degree caramel; it would be easy to drop it and burn yourself badly. (And do you have a pot that would hold 28 cups with headspace for boiling?)
  • d2churchill
    18 DEC, 2011
    @yeswithaj: I've made it every year since '95, and the one year I tried doubling it was *not* a success. Since then I just make 2 separate batches, which is a pain, but worth it to have it turn out perfect.
  • yeswithaj
    13 DEC, 2011
    Has anyone ever tried doubling this recipe? I make them every Christmas, but have never been brave enough to double without knowing for sure that it will work. I wish the great Martha herself would read this, she would surely know!
  • jmis02
    27 DEC, 2010
    wonderful recipe-very rich and soft too! I would recommend first timers watch very carefully and slow and low is the key. do not over stir while cooking as burnt pieces will fleck the caramel. Do not overspray the pan with oil as they will be somewhat greasy. Well worth the 24 hour wait and 2 hours cooking time for the right temperature. everyone loved them! I simply wrapped in wax paper and cut ends with pinking shears! festive when placed in a holiday bowl.
  • pesavento
    16 DEC, 2010
    jmhnath, What if you cut up foiled wrapping paper in 1 in strips and wrapped each caramel over the waxed paper. Of course, use several colors to make it festive.
  • pesavento
    16 DEC, 2010
    jmhnath, What if you cut up foiled wrapping paper in 1 in strips and wrapped each caramel over the waxed paper. Of course, use several colors to make it festive.
  • twodogsbakery
    15 DEC, 2010
    Actually, sixsons, I think you are misreading the recipie as it clearly states "Stirring constantly, cook over medium heat until thermometer reaches 244 degrees (firm-ball stage), 55 to 75 minutes."

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