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Apple Pie

Recipe photo courtesy of Con Poulos

Baking a pie from scratch takes a little patience, but watching your friends and family enjoy the results makes it all worthwhile.

Source: Everyday Food, November 2006
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  • MS10563337
    1 OCT, 2018
    Both dough and filling are delicious!!! Enjoy warm with a cup of tea! ❤
  • noellevlasov
    21 OCT, 2017
    Hey!This recipe is great!By the way, i'm 13 years old!I lobe cooking and baking!I made this recipe for my family, and they literally ate it all in 30 minutes :) And it was really tasty, to be honest :) One tiny little adjustment I made is I added a bit less butter to the pie dough, because I thought it was too much butter :) I live in Romania, and here, our recipes never have more than 1 cup of butter(that's like a lot) and also the recipes are not that sweet, we never add more than like % tablespoons of sugar maximum. So that's why I decided to do that :) Anyways, besides the butter, the recipe is so great, so great.Bravo!
  • blynhall
    5 MAR, 2017
    Thanks its a great pie. I wish I could post my pic.
  • lesbooth
    10 SEP, 2016
    I've made this twice and it is amazing. Followed the directions exactly. I did use varied apples, Granny's, Honey Crisp and Gala. It's about to come out of the oven and the smell reminds you back when you'd put your pie on the window shelf. The juice of lemon sugar salt and the flower is just the right balance. Thank you Martha!
  • Mamoyo
    9 AUG, 2015
    Delicious. I forgot to add butter in the filling but it came out nice and tasted yummy. Used figi apples and only 1/4 cup sugar. Will definitely make it again. Thank you for the recipe
  • amymhs
    25 NOV, 2014
    I should've read the reviews (esp the latest one) before bothering with this. Don't waste your time. Turns out a sloppy mess of flattened pie-like object. I was expecting to have a delicious homemade pie for Thanksgiving on Thursday. Whole Foods, here I come. Worst pie recipe I have ever tried. Very frustrating to put all the time into.
  • Morrigan1
    13 MAR, 2014
    OK, I'm done. This is the 4th or 5th time I've made this and I end up with an inch-deep, ugly gray mess of stewed-to-mush apples in a pastry shell. At first I thought the apples were dry, so I shopped around. Nope. Everything else bakes just fine, so it's not the oven. Very frustrating to put all the time and work into it, and end up giving it to the birds.
  • Sofi Brenes
    9 NOV, 2012
    Amazing taste, and basic pie dough fully recommended.
  • MS112702038
    10 OCT, 2011
    Delicious! I highly recommend, especially with the basic dough recipe!
  • JulietteCeku
    21 JUL, 2011
    Everyone in my family loved this pie including myself! It was very easy to make and remember. The most time consuming part was simply peeling and coring the apples. I definitely recommend this recipe to anyone who wants to make a quick and delicious apple pie; especially to those who are making one for the first time!

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