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Just try not to lick the spoon when you make this basic frosting that pairs perfectly with our Versatile Vanilla Cake, Chocolate Cake, and Lemon Cake.

Source: Everyday Food, May 2009



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  • laurelb1438271
    10 JUN, 2017
    Ok y'all- this is classic southern 7 minute icing. The proportions here are perfect but if it is to whip up perfectly every time, add 1/2 tsp of cream of tartar. Just like meringue. As for the complaints that it doesn't work? Keep whipping! It's like whipped cream or meringue. Just keep going!! It's not a bad recipe but I prefer my grandma's fail safe (cream of tartar)... make this with the addition of the lemon juice and it's light and wonderful!
    • maggiezandt
      13 MAY, 2018
      Does the frosted cake need to be refrigerated?
  • mybsh
    19 MAR, 2018
    Guys IT DOES WORK don’t give up when you get it in the mixer it take longer than said on the directions but just wait it will work
  • ALR4074599DW
    3 JUL, 2016
    My mother made this recipe when I was a little girl, 50 years ago, it was called Fluffy White Icing or the Seven Minute Icing. I used it many times and have added flavoring to it, including lemon. But I always use the double boiler, never transferred it to the Kitchen Aid, but I'll try it. In fact I am going to try the whole recipe since I love any dessert with lemon. Next I would love to see something with a kiwi curd, hint, hint.... Thanks for this recipe, I will enjoy it.
  • olivialor77gma
    7 NOV, 2015
    When I made this I thought, "Hey this'll be easy" but no. The stove top part was easy. But the part when I had to blend the yellowish liquid until I had stiff peaks. Oh my gosh did it take forever! I had to stand (I use a hand mixer) there just blending and blending until finally I had somewhat stiff peaks. The out come didn't taste very good to my liking but I still put it on my cupcakes because it took so long to blend and I didn't want to make another batch of frosting. Kind of tasted weird..
  • jpsoares7
    19 JUL, 2015
    Whipped this frosting up for a 4-layer round cake, I added 2 egg whites and 1/2 cup sugar because I needed a bit more for 4 layers. I also forgot to add the water into the pan when heating and dissolving the sugar, and it still turned out just fine; beautiful and glossy! It spread like a dream onto a chilled cake, and it started to firm up even more just after spreading which was great. It went on smoothly, and as it firmed up slightly I was able to get it glossy and smooth!
  • Foodiefoodie
    20 MAY, 2012
    This frosting will only work if you literally want to eat the cake you put it on within 2-3 hours. The steps and ingredients contribute to the frosting being unstable and unreliable. While it turned out fine at first, once the cake was frosted it lost air in the fridge and sort of melted. Anyway the steps for making it are essentially deficient italian meringue steps. Looks elsewhere for much better results.
    • Canfoodie
      27 DEC, 2014
      I completely agree with foodiefoodie. This whipped frosting turned out beautifully and delicious. But after 24 hrs in the fridge it completely deflated. I had served the cake to 8 guests and still had half the cake remaining. It's disappointing.
  • Kel Price
    2 SEP, 2014
    Honestly, If you just wisk 6 large egg whites and 1 1/2C sugar in a metal bowl over boiling water until it reaches 110 and the sugar is dissolved completely (takes a few minutes) Then pour this mix into your metal mixing bowl and wisk with whip beater on high until very stiff peaks form and the icing has cooled, that is all you really have to do.. Give it a try. You can add vanilla or any other flavor after peaks have formed (just wisk in flavor quickly) but its not necessary.
  • muchohucho
    5 AUG, 2014
    I tried it exactly, as with many before me, it didn't really firm up very well. Too bad there isn't a lot of effort here to try to help people rectify their unsuccesses. Compared to the Joy of Cooking recipe though, this one has far less sugar, more egg, more water. I used an uncalibrated candy thermometer and went to exactly 150 for fear of overcooking. Not sure how best to do it, but this recipe needs some work, surprised its sat here for so long with so many complaints, without an update.
  • Puchi2236
    1 JUN, 2014
    I tried this frosting & it did not peak as it was suppose to so I went to review the video. In the video the baker says 8 egg whites but the recipe states 3. Was this a typo? Or did the baker - who seemed out of sorts - make a mistake? Can someone please confirm please?
  • Karen Hatfield
    8 MAR, 2014
    This frosting is incredible! My husband requested a whipped frosting and having never made one from scratch, I found this recipe after an Internet search. I've never had a Martha Stewart recipe fail so this one was a natural choice. I made it exactly as the recipe states with no alterations. It was easy to make and very, very flavorful. The first sample I gave my husband earned a fist bump. In the future, I think I may replace the vanilla with lemon extract for a lemon cake.

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