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Bacon adds smoky flavor to this authentic Southwestern beef chili. Masa harina, or fine cornmeal, helps thicken it. Serve the lime wedges on the side.

Source: Everyday Food, January/February 2003
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  • liz_alchemist
    14 APR, 2011
    While this isn't the best chili I've had, it is the best recipe for chili that I've made. The bacon is awesome, I even added a teaspoon of bacon fat I'd been saving in the fridge. And the spice mixture is very yummy; next time I might even use Hungarian paprika for more heat. I do think this chili needs some tomatoes, though.
  • iloveapaintquarter
    27 DEC, 2010
    Very easy, fast, I used bacon grease only, and followed this recipe but I substituted the meat for some leftovers from a prime rib dinner, same weight in recipe, at the end cooking stage and after adding water to boil...I set up the crock pot with a mixture of olive oil, salt, pepper, and fresh garlic for added flavor. I let stew a while...Excellent over rice.. thanks enjoy
  • OurFoodChoices
    3 FEB, 2010
    For added antioxidants and omega 3 fatty acids use chopped dried cherries, cocoa powder, and grass-fed beef or venison. Here's a link to our recipe, Cheers!
  • CiaNahac
    15 OCT, 2008
    Thanks LOVETHEFOOD -- I followed your version of this tonight -- mainly because I had leftover sausage -- and it was excellent!
  • maryreinacher
    29 SEP, 2008
    WOW. I used to be a chili block lover, but Sara Lee stopped making the one we loved and I was devastated. Couldn't find a replacement recipe until this one. WE LOVE IT! Thanks, Martha.
  • emcneil
    12 SEP, 2008
    Liz... I love my chili with tomoatoes so instead of adding water I add a 28 oz can of diced tomatoes to this recipe.
  • virginiabound
    12 SEP, 2008
    Many of the recipes in the books and in the magazines do not always come out right and have to be fiddled with. I learned a long time ago! Still like to look and see what is on offer and then that usually gets me thinking about how I might make something similar. So I still take a peak every now and then. I would never make chili without chili powder or ground chilis. Complete sicie chest or not!
  • pattecake
    11 SEP, 2008
    Not every chili has beans or tomatoes. There are millions of chili recipes with endless variations.
  • misslucypetunia
    11 SEP, 2008
    the chili I grew up with, made by our mexican cook, had no tomatoes. In fact, chili con carne has beans but beans are not an integral part of real chili. I prefer it with no tomatoes. You do not need chili powder as it is just a mixture of the spices listed here for those who do not have a complete spice chest.
  • Lizloveit
    10 SEP, 2008
    I agree with Ellisse, beans are a normal addition, but I can see leaving them out for beanless chilli....however, WHERE IS the Chili Powder and the tomatoes? Will try a modified version of this tonight I think, and report back with what I did and how it came out. Thanks.

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