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Buttermilk Waffles

Recipe photo courtesy of Reed Davis

Make these fluffy waffles on the weekend for a treat the whole family will enjoy.

Source: Everyday Food, September 2008
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Cook's Notes

Like pancakes, waffles require a gentle hand when preparing the batter. For the most tender results, don't overmix it -- there should still be some lumps.

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  • drsenthil65745738
    25 FEB, 2018
    Great Waffles - followed the exact recipe
  • ALR7796218DW
    28 JAN, 2018
    Delicious! I made recipe as directed. The batter is very thick but worked great and the waffles were light and crispy on edges with a wonderful flavor. We didn’t need to butter the waffles, just serve with fruit and maple syrup.
  • fisherspal9443628
    4 JAN, 2018
    Nice recipe. I replaced the white flour with spelt flour and added almond meal in place of the sugar. Still had a light-tasting waffle but more nutritious.
  • patrsnw
    24 SEP, 2017
    Like others, I halved the butter. Especially since I was making a double recipe. When mixing in the bowl, be sure to mix it well but don't overmix. I didn't pay much attention and used nice thick batter for the first waffles but the last few were rather runny and didn't rise as much as I'd have liked. Overall, what I'd expect from something associated with Martha Stewart. Tasty.
  • kaybjohnso6740955
    13 AUG, 2017
    To avoid the issue sticky butter or margarine, try 1/2 cup of extra virgin olive oil instead. Because the baking powder, baking soda, and buttermilk all contain salt, try omitting the salt. Try adding 2 tablespoons of maple syrup instead of cane sugar. We enjoyed the same thickness of texture and a very good flavor.
    • kaybjohnso6740955
      13 AUG, 2017
      Sorry--should say, "issue of"
  • mrsandrea2
    9 JUL, 2016
    In this video Sarah says "1 cup of melted butter" This is a big boo boo. It is 1 stick of melted butter= 1/2 cup. OV VEY!
  • sharkie2004hot
    13 FEB, 2016
    I loved this recipe, very easy to make. I used margarine instead of butter & when my marg hit the cold buttermilk/egg mixture it solidified. I wonder if it was because of the substitution, next time I'll try it with butter to see if it makes any difference. I just warmed it on the burner on low as it was in a metal bowl. I made a strawberry syrup, we had it with whipped cream & fresh sliced strawberries. My husband & son loved it! This is a keeper for sure!
    • sharkie2004hot
      16 FEB, 2016
      I tried it again with butter this time, rather than margarine and it still solidified on my whisk.
      • belusk
        13 JAN, 2017
        This happens whenever warm butter hits cold liquids such as the buttermilk. To avoid this, use room temperature ingredients. I put the egg in warm water for a minute, and the buttermilk in the microwave on low power just long enough to take the chill off. Let hot melted butter cool off for a few minutes. Problem solved! Or, you can use vegetable oil instead of butter in the recipe; it will not seize up.
      • ilovexryanx
        4 SEP, 2016
        Your butter/margarine is solidifying because your eggs and buttermilk are too cold. You should measure them out and leave at room temperature before attempting recipe. It comes out better that way
    29 JUL, 2015
    I used 1/4c. of melted butter vs. the full amount based on the other reviews. These waffles came out great and they are very easy to make. This batch makes about 8 waffles. My kids loved them! Made the blueberry sauce to go with them and that was not as big of a hit for them.
  • StacyMakesCents
    13 APR, 2015
    There were SO good! I used kefir in place of the buttermilk and I used all the butter because...we like butter. :-) They are great to make ahead and reheat in the toaster oven. I used all fresh ground flour. Thanks for the recipe, Martha!
  • wibaker12
    18 MAR, 2015
    This is a great recipe for waffles ! Unfortunately had no buttermilk, but used 1 T. vinegar to each cup of milk. Also, when reading other comments, I chose to cut down on the melted butter and used only 1/3 of a stick . All of these changes didn't make a bit of difference. Try it, you'll like it . This will be my go to waffle recipe now.

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