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This comfort-food recipe combines chicken thighs, plump dumplings, and plenty of vegetables for a meal that's warm and filling. These chicken and dumplings are ready in about an hour, so try them for a weekend meal.

Source: Everyday Food, April 2006
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  • Mies52541
    20 SEP, 2018
    I love this recipe! It's so good!!!!
  • jfadmz
    25 JUN, 2018
    This is great for an evening supper, with even better leftovers for the next day. For Sunday dinner chicken and dumplings, however, I would use a firmer dough, roll it out, and let it dry a little around the edges to get more substantial dumplings. After they begin to disintegrate, the softer dumplings make an awesome leftover meal, and a great sauce for kebabs and rice, but as a main course on their own—firmer, more substantial, stick-to-the-ribs dumplings are better.
    • jfadmz
      25 JUN, 2018
      This is not to say that I dislike what Ms. Stewart offered—it’s just not a family, weekend dinner sort of dish. On “Chopped,” she seems very thoughtful, unelitist, and fair. This is in contrast to Scott Conant, who hates black pepper, and grades contestants down for cooking asparagus just to the bright green stage, which I regard as perfect. This is a great evening repast/leftover/helper meal. It’s just not a Sunday after-church dinner main course.
  • MS10964952
    7 MAY, 2018
    Simple, easy and doesn't keep me in the kitchen. This is my step daughter's favourite dish for her birthday and that hasn't changed in 30 years. She also likes to have upside down pineapple cake. Thanks.
  • MS10391601
    13 JAN, 2018
    The recipe instructions were exact. This was very easy to make. It came out perfect and was absolutely delicious. I thought at first it would be too thick, but as it continued to cook it developed into the best consistency. This is a winner recipe. Everything that Martha puts out has obviously been tested. I have never made a recipe from her that didn't turn out great. Thank you Martha Stewart!!! :-)
  • kittandra96
    23 MAY, 2017
    Loved everything but the dumplings. I doubled the broth as other comments suggest to do, and it was perfect! But the dumplings were so bitter!! I loved the amount of dill in them; they initially tasted wonderful, although the aftertaste was completely overbearing. And yes, I double- and triple-checked that I used the correct amount of baking powder (tsp, not tbl). Also, the next day the leftover dumplings were soggy.
    • canadayjan8152562
      30 DEC, 2017
      The bitterness you experienced may have been related to the kind of baking powder you used. Some people, me for instance, and possibly you, taste a bitterness in one kind of baking powder. Check the ingredients in your baking powder and see if you can find one with a different chemical active ingredient and try it in your baking. It could make all the difference in the flavor of items using baking powder.
    • MS11459018
      10 DEC, 2017
      Perhaps you used baking powder that is not aluminum-free? Could that be it?
  • MS12137010
    3 DEC, 2017
    Easy one pot meal that the whole family loves!
  • demeter1923
    25 APR, 2017
    Delicious, quick and easy! My kids love it, too. I use any vegetables and fresh herbs I have on hand (herbs de Provence + fennel rocks it), more broth and double the (GF) biscuits.
  • emilybtownsen
    16 NOV, 2016
    Yum!! So good and pretty easy; great even on a work night. I tripled the amount of broth and was glad I did. It's a lot of carrots but I thought they lent a great natural sweetness to the dish.
  • UniceDweeb67
    14 NOV, 2016
    My daughter asked me to make chicken & dumplings and I found this recipe. Really easy to make. Maybe half the dill and add a little Better Than Bouillon at the end of cook. I give 5 stars. I dont like chicken and dumplings but I LOVE this!!!!
  • ALR10733597DW
    2 MAY, 2016
    Made this recipe but made the following changes: -Used fresh thyme - Added a couple ribs of celery -Added some aleppo pepper flakes for some heat (about 1 tsp) -Added a couple of cups of water before adding the dumplings. There wasn't really enough to simmer the dumplings at that point. The dish was really good. Because of the additional water I'd probably add some more flour to make a thicker gravy and double the dumplings in the future.

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