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ReMarthable Cake Decorating Techniques

The Martha Stewart Show, Episode 6112

ReMarthable Contest finalist Tammy Dunwoody, owner of The Art of Cake bakery and boutique, shares some simple cake decorating techniques any home baker can use to create a showstopping dessert display. Use techniques separately or together, as desired.

"Wood" Fondant How-To
1. Roll one piece of white and one piece of brown fondant into tubes.

2. Place the tubes together and fold in half. Roll the folded piece and fold again, repeating until you've reached your desired "grain." The more you fold and roll, the finer the "grain" of the fondant.

3. Cover mixed fondant with plastic wrap to hold in moisture.

4. Sprinkle cornstarch onto a pastry mat to prevent fondant from sticking. Using a rolling pin, roll out fondant until it is approximately 1/4-inch thick. Place over iced cake.

5. Gently smooth out fondant on cake using a smoothing tool. Trim excess fondant from bottom of cake with a pizza cutter.

6. Optional: To finish the bottom of the cake with trim, use pizza cutter to cut a 1/2-inch piece of fondant as long as the diameter of the cake. Use water to adhere to bottom of fondant already on the cake.

Metallic Paint How-To
1. Mix edible silver powder with lemon extract to create metallic liquid.

2. Using a paintbrush, brush mixture onto fondant in desired design. Let dry overnight.

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