Dress up any room with a few simple tricks for creating beautiful flower arrangements.

Chinese Lantern Vase

Personalize a basic vase by covering it with a paper lantern.

Covered Vase How-To

1. Center a cylindrical vase over bottom opening of Chinese lantern. Trace around base of vase; cut out opening with scissors, using wire cutters to remove any wire in the way.

2. Bind cut edge of lantern with masking tape to prevent fraying.

3. Turn lantern right side up and position top over vase so that metal hooks rest on the vase's lips. Extend bottom of lantern and tape to underside of vase.

4. Carefully pour water into vase, and arrange branches inside.

Twig Flower Frog

Flowers will stand up nice and straight when you fill the vase with rustic cut twigs.

Flower Frog How-To

1. Cut thick twigs to be approximately 1/2 inch lower than the rim of a low vase.

2. Place cut twigs into vase, carefully pour in water, and insert flowers.

Tulip Tamer

Keep tulips from bending over the sides of your vase with a strategically placed glass.

Vase Insert How-To

1. Place a straight-sided glass in the center of a wide-mouth vase. Carefully pour water into glass, and insert tulips.

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Martha Stewart Member
March 13, 2013
Another tip to straighten tulips is to put a penny in the water. Your tulips will straighten within minutes!
Martha Stewart Member
March 31, 2011
Such good ideas. Watch the show every day. I'm 78 years old and still learn so much from Martha and her guests. Love and appreciate you Martha. Eileen